How do the newest hair color trends differ?

Many if not all clients these days come into the salon armed with a photo on their phone that they have pinned from Pinterest. “I want my color to look like this” they say as they point to the picture.

They were scheduled for hillights, they told the receptionist on the phone they want highlights, but upon looking at their photo, we instantly know they want something a bit different and a bit trendier.  We as stylists may ask questions along these lines. ” So I see there is some face framing lightness going on in this picture, do you like how it is balyaged??  Do you like how her ends are Ombred?? Are you more interested in a Contour Color.?”  Thats when we get the answer from our client “Im not sure, Whats the difference?”

This post is meant to explain the differences and similarities in hair color trends that are currently being seen daily in the salon and across the country right now.

Ombre, Sombre, Color Contouring, Balyage. Every day we are performing these different color services, all with their own name and all having slight variation, but all these services originated from Ombre!!  If you look around you, on pinterest, or in any magazine, you will see many examples of these trends and see that Ombre type color services are not going away anytime soon! Clients love these low maintenance colors,having their roots darker and ends lighter and having a style they can tweak slightly each appointment constantly creating a new look.So Lets see some similarities and differences of these techniques to better help you decide which one is best for you!

Similarities of all these techniques

  • Low Maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Worn best on long wavy or curled hair but can be customized to look great on any hair length
  • Can be dramatic or natural
  • Easily changed


  • Little to no highlights or lightness at the root area
  • Dark roots to light ends
  • Usually consists of base color or your own natural color and a hilight or lighter color toward the ends



*Lighter version of ombre

*Highlights fade off the root area making it a softer version of ombre

*Softer transistion from dark to light

*Face is framed with highlights and then gradually feathered farther and farther off the root area creating a rounded color placement


Color Contouring

*Using the clients natural features to create a custom color that compliments the face shape

*Softening areas of concern on the face by making the surrounding areas lighter to soften the features. Example- A Square shaped face would want the forehead and jawline area softened with highlights to make them appear less harsh.


We just had a class last week on Color Contouring from our Loreal Professional educator Kim. She travels to the salon from Philidelphia to instruct us on the latest and greatest techniques and products in the salon world. We got to learn all the different techniques and placements used for Contour Coloring. As you can see in the above photos from the class, it can really make a big difference in how your face shape is perceived!!


Ready to try a new technique color for a fall look this year?? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online through our website at


Take advantage of our Nail special!!

FB_IMG_1445005996302We have a nail special going on in the salon right now!! You can get a manicure(reg $18) and a pedicure(reg $36), for $40!! If you add on gellish polish you get it at 1/2 price(reg $23)!  This is a great deal! Take advantage of it is you have special plans for the weekend, or want something fun for Halloween.  We also do Halloween and regular nail art!:)  Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online through our website at  Hurry, offer won’t last long!!

Loreal Professional Favorites

As I promised in my last post, I am going to share some info on my favorite Loreal Professional product as well as some info about our Powerdose treatments we offer. If you are looking for top of the line products for your hair and instant results- look no further! It doesn’t get any better then the Loreal Professional line!


The 1st thing I am going to talk about is a actual product that is available to purchase. It is my all time favorite product out of the hundreds we carry in the salon. It is the Loreal Professional Intense Repair Masque. I can be heard over and over again in the salon saying “I would buy that stuff in a 50 gallon drum if they made it!” I seriously love it that much. It is a intense conditioner that comes in masque form. Moisture starved hair is quenched with this conditioner as it works to enrich and repair dry hair for renewed shine. It is very concentrated, so all you need is to dip one finger in the jar to your 1st knuckle,and that is the amount you use. Once put on the hair, leave it on for 5-8 min before rinsing out.I tell my clients to shave their legs while they have the conditioner on. Once rinsed, your hair will feel like silk. You can use this conditioner every day if you wish (I DO!!), or use it more as a intense treatment once or twice a week. I have seen this product bring clients hair back from some pretty awful situations over the years, from over processed color at home,or trying to do too much at once with their hair at home (like taking it from black to blonde in one day!), or just being extremely bleached out and super dry from a week in the sun at the beach

I have NEVER had a client who purchased it from me return it in the last 11 years, or tell me they didn’t love it. It is the ONLY conditioner I have used to date that I can get a comb through my hair immediately after showering. I cant say enough good things about this product except you NEED to try it for yourself. You wont regret it!! Stop in the salon and get one for yourself. They are $32.50 and worth EVERY PENNY! You could snatch one on sale if you stop in the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving during our 16th Anniversary Sale. Any questions about this product? Feel free to ask below in the comment section:)

The 2nd thing I am going to talk about is as a treatment we offer in our salon rather then a product available to purchase-

The Loreal Professional Powerdose Treatment.


The Loreal Professional Powerdose is a in salon treatment that features core to surface technology to target all areas of the hair strand providing instant, deep conditioning and shine. This treatment is a deep conditioner that goes down into your hair strand and works from the inside out. It helps repair damage after coloring or highlighting. It strengthens the hair and adds a ton of shine. It helps seal in your color to make it last longer. It last in the hair up to 3 weeks Most of our clients get one after every color. Some clients even stop in the salon in between colors to get the treatment since it wears out of the hair after 2 to 3 weeks (depending how often you shampoo your hair). I can always tell when my powerdose has wore out and I need another one. My hair goes back to being dry, tangled and frizzy. Once I am powerdosed again the frizz is contained, and the shine returns.


These treatments are done at our shampoo bowls. You are 1st shampooed to cleanse the hair of products and any other impurities. We then towel dry the hair extremely well and then place a towel or padding under the neck for added comfort. The Powerdose is then sprayed into the hair and evenly dispersed. You then get pampered with a relaxing 5 min head and scalp massage. I think some clients secretly don’t even care what the powerdose does, they just want the massage;) Once the massage is over, we seal the treatment in by rinsing with cool water. You are then able to dry and style the hair and see your beautifully conditioned result.  The treatment is $14.50. We have clients just stop in to get one quick and leave with their hair wet, or you can schedule a 30min appointment and have your hair dried and styled after.  Call or stop in today and get your Powerdose!

*******Have you had one of our powerdose treatments?? We’d love to hear what you think of them! Feel free to share in the comment box below!!****

Want a New look for Fall?

Typically in the salon, around the time school starts we start to see a trend with alot of clients in our chairs. They’re all sporting light, bleached out, beat up, dry hair. A combination of the summer sun and heat hitting their hair, pool chemicals and ocean water soaking it and pony tail holder upon pony tail holder pulling it up on those hot summer days has usually wreaked havoc on the color, and sometimes the overall integrity of the hair. So what do we suggest to these clients? ? Usually 1 of 2 things…..Products, or a New Color.

If you are enjoying your current color and wanting to stay lighter and be in denial for a while that cooler weather is upon us (haha just kidding), then we would just refresh your color, do a deep conditioning treatment called a Power dose  (I’ll blog on those soon!), and we’d recommend a take home shampoo and conditioner to get your hair back in tip top shape.  What’s My favorite restoring shampoo and conditioner you may ask?? I LOVE the L’Oréal Professional intense repair shampoo and masque. (I’ll blog soon about those products too!) Many of our clients have heard me say over the years that “I’d buy that Masque in a 50 gallon drum if they made it.”  I LOVE it that much. You would too, it never dissapppoints….but like I said, that’s for another post:)

So, say you’re done with your light colored locks and ready to dive into something new and fun for fall. What are your options??   Well, you have many. It depends how drastic of a change you are looking for.  If you just want a subtle to semi subtle change you can get some lowlights put in, these are a reverse hilight done the same way, but they are a darker shade instead of going lighter.These could be anything from a subtle Caramel up against your blonde or a more drastic Mocha for more contrast. (The photos below are showing examples of Lowlights. The 1st 2 photos are a before and after. The last photo was a lowlight on a client who started as a lighter blonde.)


You could go the extreme opposite and do a all over global color in a dark shade of your choice. I suggest trying a Mocha shade. They are mostly a cool shade of brown with a hint of warmth and range from light Mocha to a deep dark Mocha.Think Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate.:-)They’re beautiful.  (Before and After below of a all over global color change)


You could try a technique color like a Ombre, Baylage or the newest technique to our salon, Contour Coloring ( we just had a class on this Thursday afternoon, look for a post on that too very soon!….  Looks like I’ve got alot on my blogging plate coming up, huh?? 🙂 ). These techniques involve placing color in different areas of the hair to get a desired effect, with or without foils. Colors are melted and blended together to achieve a beautiful result. ( 1st photo is a before and after using a Contour Coloring technique with Chocolate and Cherry shades.  2nd photo shows a Ombre )



Another great, VERY popular trend for fall- REDS!! Anything red. Lowlights, all over color, dimensional reds in ombres and balyage. We have seen SO many reds leave the salon in the last few months and they are beautiful!!!FB_IMG_1445634978668

As you can see, your options are limitless for a new look for fall! Call (724-349-5444) or make your appointment through our website today ( )  and get started on your new fall look too!! We cant wait to show you what we can do for you for the fall season!

****Whats your favorite fall look?? We’d love to here from you! Let us know in the comment box below!!!*******

Dermalogica Skin Care

Looking for a great skin care line? Looking to find your best skin EVER?? Try Dermalogica!

Our salon has carried the Dermalogica skin care line for about 9 years now. Dermalogica boasts of being- “a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances) that would improve skin health, and is only available from qualified skin care professionals trained by The International Dermal Institute.”

Dermalogica’s skin care systems are each designed to address a specific set of concerns to help you achieve your best skin ever. Not sure where to start?? Ask your stylist for a skin analysis to diagnose your skin’s needs and get a personalized regimen to meet that need. Here are some of the skin regimens Dermalogica offers.

  • Daily Skin Health- Whether your skin is oily or dry, our unique daily formulas will help maintain and balance moisture levels.
  • Age Smart (my personal favorite!…..more about that later)- Controls skin aging at the source while helping to stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity and promote smoothness.
  • UltraCalming – Our most gentle formulas provide serious relief for even the most sensitized skin.
  • MediBac Clearing- Adult acne has met its match with around the clock breakout clearing and prevention.
  • Daylight Defense- The ultimate in sun protection and care, these elegant formulas protect and help repair skin exposed to damaging UV rays.

We currently are running a promotion in the salon if you spend $60 on any Dermalogica products you get a free gift. The Free gift is the nighttime recovery trio.20151021_115146

Included in this kit is trial sizes of Precleanse, Skin resurfacing Cleanser and Overnight Repair Serum.

  • PreCleanse- Oil based cleanser melts away impurities with Kukui, Apriocot and Borage seed oils as the first step of the Dermalogica Double Cleanse. Start with Precleanse before using your appropriate dermalogica cleaner.
  • Skin Resurfacing Cleanser- Dual action exfoliating cleaner with Rose flower Oil helps retexturize aging skin.
  • Overnight Repair Serum- Supercharged peptide formula with Argan and Rose oils helps stimulate cellular repair.

I mentioned my favorite Dermalogica line being the Age Smart line.       20151021_115326     It produces real, visible results.  Many enviromental triggers contribute to the structure and breakdown of skin, leading to  wrinkles, loss of skin tone and hyperpigmentation that leaves skin visibly aged. Age Smart targets these reactions with high tech peptides, antioxidants, active plant botanicals and polyphenols for your most visible restored and renewed skin ever.

Whether you’re struggling with with early signs of aging around the eyes, or your skin demands complete skin renewal and exfoliation, you can experience the power of Age Smart with the trial kit. Try a Trial kit!!  The Trial kit comes with 6 mini Age Smart products enabling you to try the line for a month to month and a half. This is plenty of time to see how you like the line and see results for your own skin. They run $52 and we have them in stock most of the time. Stop in and pick up one of these, or any of our Dermalogica products and start seeing the results for yourself! You won’t regret it!!!  Have questions? ? Feel free to ask below in the comment box or seek out one of our stylists.  We’d love to help you find the best product for your skin care goals.

How Nail Services Have Changed-for the better!

If you’ve ever had your nails done, whether it be for a wedding, holiday, any special occasion, Or even if you just love to have your nails done and go every other week to get them done…… what is the number one thing you are concerned with??  – HOW LONG WILL THEY LAST??!! Having done nails for over a decade in the salon, I have seen many trends come and go, and learned many valuable tricks. When I first started doing nails, things like applying a double layer of top coat polish and then topping it with Drip dry to help it dry faster helped our clients get a little more life out of their manicure. They could usually make it 3 to 4 days (at best) until their nails started to chip. 3 to 4 days was great if you were getting your nails done for a 1 day special event you needed them to look nice for, but what if you were going on vacation for a week?? What if you had a job interview on Tuesday, and had to get your nails done the Saturday before??What is you got your nails done for your Saturday wedding on Friday, but then had to do alot of decorating Friday night after getting them done- usually resulting in chipped up polish. It was very obvious that clients desired something that lasted longer and stayed nice and shiny the entire life of their manicure.  Acrylic nails gave clients this desired look- 2 weeks of beautifully manicured nails with shiny polish or pretty french tips. The fall back- acrylics wreaked havoc on everyone’s nails, destroying the natural nail underneath. Plus then you always had the fear in the back of your mind ” what if I break/lose a nail?”.  Fast forward a few years and the world of Gel Polish was introduced to the salons. My 1st run in with Gel Polish was about 5 years ago at a hair show in Chicago. A coworker and I stood and watched a live Demo where they put this gel polish onto peoples nails and toe nails and then added glitter on top of them making them “glitter nails”. They were GORGEOUS!!! We were in love!! We brought the products home with us and started doing glitter nails in the salon and they were a instant hit!! The problem? Although it was a awesome service and the nails looked great once they were done, It took a long time to do them, and the only way to remove them was to file them off, one by one with a hand held nail file…which took FOREVER!!!!  We continued to do the glitter nails in the salon, but in the back of our mind we knew there had to be a better, easier solution!!

The following year we went to a hair show in Orlando, Florida. My coworker and I saw something called GELLISH. It was also gel polish, but what set this product apart was 2 things.

  1. You applied it from a nail polish bottle exactly like you would regular polish, Not with a long nail brush like the other gel polishes we had used in the past. Much easier application!
  2.  It could be soaked off!!! No need for hours of filing!!

We were really excited to try this product and brought some home with us to try! The Gellish was a HUGE success. It looked great. It was so easy to apply. Clients were getting 2 – 3.5 weeks of wear out of it! It only took about 30 min from start to finish to apply it! Clients nails were able to grow with the Gellish on them cause it made their nails stronger while wearing it. What a great service!!

We currently have about 80 colors of Gellish to choose from. We also currently have the holiday RED collection to choose from.pic20151020165333

*I say all that to say this- If you are looking for a long term wear polish, Gellish is definitely for you!! I have had clients come in at 3.5 weeks after getting a Gellish application, and it still looks perfect, its just grown away from their cuticle! The photos below are of a Gellish manicure after 20 DAYS!!!!!


Gellish Polish is definitely the most popular polish choice in our salon these days. We still do mostly regular polish for pedicures, as polish stays on toe nails much longer then finger nails anyway. To use regular polish in a manicure service is rare these days. Clients do however still like the option of doing their own nails at home- So we always carry a large selection of regular polish to purchase. Pictured below are the new OPI starlight and Morgan Taylor holiday collections both currently available in our salon.


If you like to change your polish color often, I would stick to the regular polish. I’m a bit of a nail polish junkie I will admit. I like to try lots of different colors, So I find myself buying 2 or 3 bottles from every new collection:-). If you like to get your nails done every 2 weeks and don’t want to think about them in between- then the Gellish is for you!!  Love getting nail art?? NO worrries- that can be applied over the Gellish polish too!:-) If you haven’t tried Gellish for yourself yet, you definitely should!! If you’d like to check out our holiday polish collections- stop in!! Call in or get on our website and book your Gellish, Manicure or Pedicure appointment today!!

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Easy updo tutorial

Sick of doing the same thing with your hair every day?? Need a quick, easy style idea that still looks like you did something with your hair and put some time in to it?? Here’s a step by step photo tutorial of a style you can try that would be cute for a holiday event, any special occasion or even just a day in the office. Give it a try! Let us know how you like it in the comment section below!pic20151019101503

  1. Start with your hair down and straight
  2. Pull into a side ponytail with a rubber band. If you prefer more volume, tease the crown area 1st before putting in ponytail.
  3.  Hold onto the end of your pony tail with one hand and with the other pull towards the base of your ponytail so that the hair starts to gather there almost giving it a teased effect.
  4. Continue to pull/ push all the hair towards the base of the ponytail
  5. Once all the hair has been “pushed” your ponytail should look a little crazy like the above photo:)
  6. pic20151019101531

6. Take the ponytail and start to twist it. The looser the twist, the bigger the bun, the tighter the twisting the smaller the bun.


7. Once twisted, wrap and twist the hair around the ponytail holder into a bun shape. Use bobby pins to secure it where you want it. It may take a few trys to get the placement right. Just keep checking it with a mirror til you are happy with the result. Other views of the end result shown below in photos 8 and 9.

Voila!!!! A brand new, super cute, quick and easy to do style to add to your hair styling regimen. 

***Let us know if you tried this and what you thought! Leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you!****

Paul Mitchell Neuro Irons

Looking for a new flat iron? Need a great gift for someone for Christmas?? The Paul Mitchell neuro flat iron is a great tool to invest in. All tools are currently 15%off at the salon.  This iron runs $124.99 full price. It comes down to $112.64 with tax during the sale. We currently have the Lumina collection in irridescent silver and dark sparkley purple!

You may ask, What makes this flat iron so great?

1) It comes with a 2 year warranty. All you have to do is keep your receipt and your box.

2) Heats up to 450 degrees in 30 seconds

3) Customizable auto shut off feature

4) Smart sense microchip technology for lightning- fast heat recovery and a constant temperature

5) Cushioned titanium plates with beveled edges

If you’re on the market for a new flat iron, look no further. Stop in at the salon and take advantage of the sale on these and all our other great styling tools!



Read these reviews about this flat iron-

5.0 out of 5 stars Best flat iron
on November 3, 2015

“I am a licensed cosmetologist and this is seriously the best flat iron I have ever use, It makes hair so straight and leaves it with a shiny finish, and it comes with a two year warranty which is awesome…I highly recommend this to anyway who is looking for a reliable flat iron.”

5.0 out of 5 stars so I basically NEVER waste my time straightening my hair
on September 15, 2015
“I don’t actually own this, but my sister does, and I used hers when I was visiting recently. I have the most ridiculous curly hair that refuses to stay straightened (I own a CHI), so I basically NEVER waste my time straightening my hair. This is the BEST straightener, like ever. I didn’t wash my hair for 2 days (would throw it up in a bun without a shower cap when I showered), and even through the water splashing on my hair, it stayed as straight as it was when I first finished straightening it two days prior! Left my hair silky soft and smooth, too! I’m actually on here to purchase my own, and I HIGHLY recommend to anyone with stubborn hair to straighten curly hair.”
5.0 out of 5 stars I LOVE this Flat Iron!
on July 13, 2015
“I LOVE this Flat Iron! I have thick, frizzy and course hair. I had another Paul Mitchell Flat Iron for over 5 years (which I also loved) and it finally went out on me. It heats up so fast and I love the digital heat control. I highly recommend this product. My mom and I have the same hair and I just ordered one for her today”
5.0 out of 5 stars The best flat iron on the market!!
on August 30, 2015
“Wow!!!!! I have owned many flat irons in my life and this one is by far the best of them all!!!! Forget Chi and Baby Bliss this is the way to go. It heats to 400 in literally five seconds. It takes me half the time to straighten my hair than it normally does. My hair is so frizzy in the spring and summer but with this it stays smooth all day! It’s worth every penny if you straighten your hair several times a week. I’m not sure how I ever lived without it!!! My hair stylist used a very expensive $400 straightner and when she tried this she was amazed and immediately ordered one for herself. I can’t rave about it enough!!!”
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24/7 Online Booking

Technology has been a wonderful addiction….I mean addition to our every day lives;). The salon as a whole has been trying to incorporate it more into our every day practices. Through Facebook we gained a social media presence enabling our clients to follow us and see special things going on in the salon daily (search Cameron Salon on facebook to find us!). Then we added the option of online booking, allowing clients to be able to make appointments from the comfort of their home without picking up a phone. Most recently we launched a new website for the salon. This not only made it easy for our clients to see all our salon info and news and for potential clients to find us, but it also made it easy for everyone to use the online booking feature with the click of the button. If you visit our salon website at ,in the menu bar you will see a tab marked “book now”.  All you have to do is click that and you are automatically taken to our online booking page. Once there you can chose the service you’d like to schedule, as well as the date, time and stylist you are looking for.  The program will show you what is available and you can choose what works best for you. Before finishing you will be asked to fill out a registration form. Once finished your appointment will be confirmed and you’ll be good to go. You can sign up to get a text or email reminder and the system will keep you posted as to when your next appointment is, texting you 24 hours before your appointment with a reminder.  Who doesn’t love the convenience of being able to book a appointment 24/7, anytime, anywhere!?

There are just a few things you can not do with online booking.

  1. You can not book less then 2 hours before a desired appointment time. So you cant book an appointment at 3:00 for a 4:00 color. The system will not allow you.
  2. You can not book updos, specialty styles or wedding parties online. These appointments sometimes require special time frames that the computer would be be able to recognize. To book these services, please call the salon at 724-349-5444.
  3. You cannot book spray tan appointments online
  4. You cannot cancel a scheduled appointment online, you must call to do so.

The online booking has been a great addition to our salon.  If you find yourself on a weekend, or late at night thinking you are in need of a hair or nail appointment and just dont want to wait til morning or a day we are open to call, just jump onto our website and click our book now link and set yourself up for a appointment that works best for you!!

October Bonus Buy Special

If you have been in the salon this month, you’ve probably been handed one of these orange papers. FB_IMG_1444965234558

If you have not picked one up, or are looking for some more info on the October Special, here it is.

*We are running a special on our Gift Certificates until the end of this month. The special works like this- The larger  the gift card amount you purchase, the more you get back as a “bonus”.  Here are a few examples in case you cant read the flyer well in the photo above. If you purchase a $100 gift card, you will receive a 2nd bonus gift card worth $15. If you purchase a $800 gift card, you will receive a 2nd bonus gift card worth $200. The more you purchase, the more you get back on the bonus gift card.

$50-$75 Earns 10% Bonus Card.

$100-$249 Earns a 15% Bonus card.

$250-$599 Earns a 20% Bonus card.

$600 and up earn a 25% Bonus card.

I had a client the other day figure out how many appointments she would have for the next year, and she then bought a large gift card, in essence “pre paying” for her hair appointments for the year, and then received a large bonus gift card by doing so. Who wouldnt want a few free salon visits by using their bonus gift cards from taking advantage of this sale!?! Looking for a great Christmas gift for that hard to buy for person on your list?? Stop in and get them a gift card and then keep the bonus gift card for yourself!! Stop in the salon by the end of the month and purchase your gift card and get your bonus gift card.

*** Bonus gift card must be used by Feb 27th, 2016. Original gift card has no expiration date.***


16th Anniversary Stock up Product Sale

 November 11th – 25th

All products on Sale

Buy 1- Get 10% off

Buy 2- Get 20% off

Buy 3 or more- Get 25% off