Pinterest vs. Reality

I have been writing a draft with the idea for this Blog post for months now. Some how it kept getting started, then forgotten. Probably in the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle, followed by birthday parties, and then the never ending changing, feeding and keeping 2 small children entertained and alive it just got away from me:) One of my friends and fellow hair dressers from college posted the following bit to her stylist page she runs on Facebook and it reminded me I wanted to finish this draft. Her post and photos were dead on with what I had been thinking and wanting to blog about it. I asked her if I could use her post from her page as part of this post and she gladly obliged. Thanks Faith:) She is a stylist at a salon in New Hampshire, so this is happening in salons all over. (Please excuse the screenshot photos I used from her)Screenshot_2016-03-09-23-53-15pic20160327230345



Screenshot_2016-03-27-23-15-47Above you see the photo of the girl with long brown hair on the left and her after picture shows a beautiful light blonde. – It says it took 12 HOURS to achieve that look!!! 12 HOURS!!! That’s almost 2 WHOLE work days!!!

The photo  above that of the girl with gray hair with lavender balyaged highlights throughout makes it look so simple that you as a client could just show that picture to your stylist, and in your normal 1.5 hour appointment spot, you could walk out with those same results. What that photo doesn’t show is that the girl in the photo probably had multiple days of getting services done to get to that point, or spent many hours in the salon to arrive at that color in one day.

Why do I post these thoughts from my friend and these photos taken mostly from Guy Tang’s ( a celebrity stylist) Instagram and Facebook pages?!  I think there is a real need for clients(and stylists) all over to realize the difference between “Pinterest and Reality”. By Pinterest, Im also including all social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchap, etc.  Most of the time when a client (myself included) is looking for a new color, they go to these social media platforms to get inspiration, and that’s great!! I LOVE when a client sits in my chair and shows me a picture. This is such a helpful part of the consultation process. It takes any guess work out of the equation. If a client is saying they want “dark” hair, and you don’t have a picture to see what “dark” hair is to them, you as a hair dresser may go to the back and mix up a dark brown, and they may have actually been thinking along the lines of dark blonde. Everyone’s perception of color is totally different. So this is why I LOVE when clients bring photos to show me. What I DON’T love, and what makes our job as stylist’s very difficult is how many of these pictures are extremely photo shopped, have had photo filters used on them, and give no indication to the work that was involved to get to the look in the photo.

Below you can see a photo of the same girl, photo shopped to 3 different hair colors. To look at one of these “inspiration photos” you’d never be able to guess which (if any) are her natural color. Since all it took to get her to those different colors was a click of computer mouse, the amount of time going into the process to get her those colors, which in the salon would be considered a “corrective color” process is non exsistent and looks so easy.


Moral of the story…..Changing from one color to another drastic color or achieving these very trendy high fashion colors is very time consuming and can not always be achieved in one appointment (sometimes it’s just not possible, others it’s to keep your hairs integrity in tact!). These drastic color changes can also get pricey depending what you started with and how much has to be done to get you to your desired look. Your stylist works very hard and does her best to get you where you want to be with your final look. She is not over charging you, I promise. She is charging you for her time, the work she put in and the product/color used to achieve your goal. Realize going into these appointments what you are committing to, time wise and cost. Realize that the picture you are showing your stylist from social media may be heavily photo shopped and not 100% realistic. Make sure to have a conversation with your stylist if you have a certain price expectation so she can tell you if that look you are going for will even be doable with that budget.  Realize your stylist LOVES doing your hair and working her magic on you and making you happy and beautiful, but also know that she’s not a magician and can only do so much:)

Have a color inspiration photo you’ve been dying to try?? Bring it with you to your next hair appointment to have a consultation with your stylist. Need an appointment?? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at


Perfect Your Blow Dry

Blow outs are seeing a huge rise in popularity again these days. “Blow dry bars” that simply offer nothing but shampooing, blow drying and styling services are popping up everywhere in the big cities and even in some little towns and rural areas much like ours. Clients are in search of a style that will not only look great and smooth and shiny, but will last them for a few days whether it be for a special event, or just to save them time in their morning routines. Don’t have time or the finances to visit the salon once a week to get a blow out?? Here are a few tips for perfecting your blow out at home from Redken.


“Don’t try to blow dry your hair from wet, wet, wet. Take some moisture out before you put your products in to cut down on your drying time. ” They recommend then applying their Glow Dry style enhancing oil to increase shine and manageability. Moroccan Oil is another great wet to dry oil that will condition and add shine to the hair and help protect it from the heat.


“Primers protect and strengthen so you can prevent breakage and dryness.” Redken has 2- Pillow Proof Primer Spray (Lightweight)  and Primer Creme (For extra nourishment and protection).  Moroccan Oil can also fall into this category. Loreal Professional Liss Extreme Smoothing Creme would be another smoother/primer I highly recommend that we carry in our salon.


Styling products are more effective and blow- dries last longer when you prime first!


Use clips to divide the hair. Focus on one section at a time. “Don’t worry about creating perfect section! Random sections actually give the hair a more natural feel” This will cut down on your blow dry time.


The secret to a long lasting blow dry? Dry Shampoo!! Spray it onto your roots anytime to absorb excess oil, instantly refresh hair and give it some added volume and lift. Redken has Pillow Proof Blow Dry Extender as their dry shampoo. We also carry dry shampoo in our Sexy Hair, Bed Head and Wella EIMI line.  The Sexy hair and Wella are my personal favorites!

Looking to extend the life of your at-home blow outs? Stop by the salon and pick up some of these great style extending products and get started today!!

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Manicure and Pedicure Special

Until March 23rd, The salon is running a special if you get a manicure and pedicure, you will receive a FREE bottle of OPI polish. (value $9.50). We have a large selection of polish choices and some great new Spring/Summer colors from our newest collection to choose from.

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