Bridal Hair and Wedding Parties

It seems as soon as the snow melts and sun starts poking out, wedding parties start arriving in full swing in the salon. Our salon accommodates many bridal parties each year. We can accommodate large bridal parties and are able to do 5 styles at a time currently.  We offer a wide range of services from trial styles, to updo styles and makeup, spray tanning as well as manicures and pedicures. Our manicure and pedicure area can house 3 people at a time if you wanted to bring a wedding party in for a fun girls day hanging out and getting your nails done so they look great for the wedding.  We allow our bridal parties to bring food/ drinks etc with them and set it up at one of our empty stations so they can enjoy a light breakfast or brunch while they get their hair done and wait for the other members of their party. Most parties schedule early in the morning, even if the wedding is later in the day so that they can get in, get styled and have their makeup done without rushing, and then return home or to the church or hotel to get ready and be able to take pictures or just hang out before the wedding.

For the Brides we do their style, as well as insert any headpiece, headband, tiara, and veil. If they wish to not wear their veil the entire day, we instruct a member of the bridal party how to insert or remove the veil and provide them with some extra bobby pins.

We accommodate even the youngest members of the bridal party and can do styles and updos on flower girls. We usually have glitter hairspray on hand that the little kids love and can be used on everyone including the Bride to add a little extra special touch:)

Many of our brides invite their photographer to join them at the salon and capture the entire process of getting ready for the big day from start to finish.Feel free to ask your photographer to tag along!

Our wedding party policy is that a $55 deposit must be paid in order to hold your spot. That deposit can be used towards the bride’s hair or anyone in the party, or can be returned after the services are received. Everyone in the party must show up with DRY HAIR. We prefer the hair not be flat ironed as this makes it harder to hold a curl sometimes. If they show up later then 15min after their scheduled appointment,a extra charge will be added on to the final total, and any add on services scheduled (Makeup, nails, waxing, etc) may or may not be able to be provided depending on the schedule for the day.

Need to schedule a wedding party with our salon?? Know someone getting married looking for a salon to get their hair/ makeup/ nails done?? Call our salon at 724-349-5444. We do not schedule wedding parties online through our online scheduling, so please call and speak with our receptionist to get your appointments set up. We look forward to being a part of your special day.