Latest Hair Color Trends

2017 has been another fun year when it comes to hair color. Every where you look you can see these current trends- Tv, the run ways, magazines, online……..Here are the top 5 trends we’ve seen this year. See one you love?? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at to try it for yourself!! Use some of these pictures to show your stylist what you’d like! When scheduling, make sure to mention you would like to try one of these technique colors so we can make sure to add in some extra time as these types of services take a little longer sometimes to achieve. Choose “Technique Color” when scheduling online and add in the comment section what you’d like to try to give us a heads up before your appointment.

Rose Gold Hair

Silver Hair


Unicorn Hair

Rainbow Hair

We are adding to our team!!


The salon is currently looking to add a new member to our team. We have had a busy summer and our newest stylists and nail tech have been gaining clienteles and getting busier by the day. We are looking for someone who can be a part time stylist/ nail tech but also is willing to work the front desk as our receptionist during slow times and while building a clientele. We are looking for motivated individuals who love the beauty industry and would like to further their career and grow as part of our team. We offer paid vacations and holidays as well as discounts on products and services received in the salon. We offer classes and attend hair shows to continue your knowledge and gain more skills and keep up with current trends in the industry. Know someone that would be interested?? Share this post with them or encourage them to stop in the salon and pick up a application to fill out. Call us at 724-349-5444 if you would like more information.

How to get the best experience for you and your wedding party on your big day!!

I read recently on a photographers blog that hair dressers are almost ALWAYS the reason that weddings run late. This statement has really bothered me ever since I read it, As I feel it is unfair and not true. So, I decided to write a post talking about reasons this could be a possibility, and the best ways to avoid it. We as a salon try our best to be a special, helpful part our your big day. We try to let you know ahead of time everything that will happen that day and everything that is required of you as a bride or wedding party to make things go as smooth as possible.

Here are the things we tell every bride when they call into our our salon to book their appointment or appointments for a bridal party.

  1. We schedule appointments 30 to 60 min apart. We currently have 6 stylists, meaning we can take 6 to 12 hair appointments in a hour to 2 hour time slot. If you are someone who has extra long, extra thick hair, you will require extra time. If we do not know that ahead of time, we are instantly going to be running behind in our schedule. If you were our 1st appointment of the day, we are now running behind for the next client and it just continues a domino effect through the rest of the day. All it takes is one client not scheduled properly. This leads me to my next point….
  2. Let the receptionist know if anyone in the wedding party has extra long/ extra thick hair so they can be scheduled accordingly.  This is SO SO important to keep your day on track!
  3. We recommend taking the 1st appointment of the day (8am) regardless of what time your wedding is. This allows you plenty of time to get in and out of the salon, go back, do your makeup ( if you didn’t get it done at the salon), get dressed,eat,and take photos before the wedding.  If the wedding is later in the day it allows you time to relax and enjoy your day stress free and without rushing.
  4. Make sure everyone in the wedding party arrives on time or early for their appointment. Once again, this will keep everything on schedule and keep your party on time getting out of the salon. We can not wave a magic wand and instantly your hair is done, so if you show up late, we run late. Once again- then we deal with the domino effect. If the wedding party is late for the scheduled appointment time, and calls to notify us of a new arrival time, stylists may or may not be able to accommodate the new arrival time. If the scope of the original party appointments can’t be fulfilled, all the services previously scheduled may be reduced. Clients will forfeit all deposits and payments if they are a no show or show up later then 15 min without any notification to the salon.
  5.  Make sure everyone in the party comes with DRY, ready to style hair. If they want it curled, do NOT flat iron it before hand as this makes it difficult to curl sometimes and some hair WILL NOT curl at all or hold curl after it has been flat ironed. If we have to take time to blow dry the hair, this time is not scheduled into the appointment slot, so once again, domino effect.
  6.  Everyone must receive all the services they are scheduled for and can not add on services that day.  Special circumstances may occur where this is possible, but for the most part, our schedule is packed and we depend on you getting the services you scheduled for that day to keep the day running smoothly and on time. If you show up with a wedding party of 6, and 3 of them were scheduled for makeup and 3 were not- the other 3 can not decide once they arrive they are getting makeup as well, unless there happens to be extra time in the schedule that day.  Best thing to do, when scheduling your party is to ask EVERYONE exactly what they’d like to have done that day. Then schedule each individual once you have that information. We love to offer extra services when we can, but that is not always a possibility the day of.
  7. Know what you want to have done when you show up. This helps the consultation between you and your stylist and helps keep the appointment on time. Pinterest is a great tool to find styles and easily show them to your stylist once you get to the salon. Having a picture ahead of time makes things go so much faster.
  8. A $55 deposit is required of all bridal parties. You can use this toward your hair the day of the wedding or get the deposit back as long as all the bridal party contract requirements have been fulfilled.
  9. Feel free to bring food, drinks and snacks with you to the salon. We have extra stations in the salon that you can set up these things and enjoy your morning with your wedding party. We also have coffee available for anyone to drink.

If you follow these tips and bridal party regulations, your big day will go off without a hitch! We enjoy working with many bridal parties each year and look forward to being a part of your big day!!



New Loreal Professional Power Mixers


RangeAre you one of our MANY clients who LOVE our Power Dose treatments we have offered in the salon for years? Loreal has recently re-invented the power dose line and renamed it the Power Mix series. We have a base solution and 5 different types of additives that can be added to the base to cocktail the perfect, customized “power dose” for your hair. The new line can help hair that needs things such as smoothing, strengthening, showing signs of minimal to severe dryness and holding color in the hair.  These work the same as the old power doses- they get put on the hair after shampooing and towel drying. They are massaged into the hair for 5 min and then rinsed out. They add a ton of shine, seal in your hair color and last in the hair up to 3 weeks depending on how often you shampoo your hair. Sound like something you’d like to try? Stop in anytime and ask for a Power Dose treatment or schedule an appointment by calling 724-349-5444 or online at

New OPI ICELAND Collection


The salon has the newest OPI Iceland collection in stock and to use in our nail rooms. The colors are beautiful and perfect as we transition from late summer and into early fall. I already have my eye on 2 or 3 of them for my own personal collection;) Stop in and get a few of the colors for yourself or ask to have them used on you during your next manicure or pedicure. Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at