More than just a hairdresser…..

Does this chart make any sense to you?? If not, this is one of the many reasons why your hairdresser is “more than just a hairdressser”. We as stylists have to have everything in this chart constantly in the back of our minds every time we are coloring, highlighting, toning or color mixing. THIS knowledge is one of the many reasons professional haircolor services turn out so much better than at home color.

I am not typically someone who comments on random posts online, It’s just not my personality type. However, I stumbled across a post on a Mom’s group I am in from college and saw a girl asking about going darker with her hair for fall and if using color from Sally’s was going to be a better choice than box color. After seeing a few comments from non hairdresser moms, I decided to jump in and try to help best I could. A little background on the girl- She said she was trying to save money by not going to the salon and color her hair at home. She said she was currently blonde and wanting to go dark but anytime she has done it in the past it fades out in the 1st few shampoos. She said she wondered if buying color from Sally’s would help with that fading.

Here are some things I told her that are important to keep in mind and to take into consideration when choosing to color your hair at home as opposed to going to the salon……and how in the long run it may not actually be saving you money at all.

  1. Throwing dark color on blonde hair will fade. Always. Depending how often you shampoo it and how light the hair was to start will determine how quickly it fades.
  2. To help combat fading, sometimes the hair needs “filled”. ( More on that in a min.)
  3. Depending how light or processed the hair is to start, the porosity needs to be taken into consideration. Hair that is overly processed will act differently than healthy, virgin hair. It will either suck color in making it appear darker, or it will not take the color fully or evenly, making it appear hollow.
  4. You have to take into consideration what the underlying pigment is of the color you currently have and what it is missing for the target shade you are after. Not taking this into consideration when choosing a color shade is how people end up with hair that has gross undertones to it like green or blue or a “muddy look”. THIS is when filling comes into effect.
  5. The chart above shows all of these things. This chart is permanently engrained in every stylists mind and this information helps us formulate the best possible color for your desired result.
  6. Did you know most box colors come with 20vlm developer? Did you know very few people going darker need 20vlm developer. 20vlm is used to lift base color and deposit. If you are already light, you do not need to lift, this is how people get hot roots where it looks like your root area is glowing and brighter than the rest.
  7. You have to take gray coverage into consideration when formulating color. Different percentages of gray require different color formulas and developer.

So, still think you’re ready to color your own hair? Say you did try to go to Sallys and pick out color for yourself. Do you feel you could confidently look at this chart and know what you need to get your desired result? Did you know Sally’s is NOT professional color? That anyone can walk in off the street and buy color there, so it is no different than color from Walmart. The people who work there most of the time do not have an extensive knowledge of color to be able to help you get what you need. If you were going to understand this chart and try to fill your hair yourself- you are going to need AT LEAST 2 bottles of color, if not more. So say you got the supplies and color you needed from Sallys and it came to $50 once you got the tubes of color, developer, brush, gloves, etc. You bring it home and use it and the result is NOT AT ALL what you hoped for. We charge $65 for color in the salon. So by you saving $15 by coloring your hair at home- you are now left with the choice of dealing with a color you hate, or getting it fixed in the salon. Except now, it is most likely a color correction in the salon resulting in a higher bill at checkout. Wouldnt it have just made more sense to just get in done in the salon where they know exactly what you need and what to mix in the 1st place? Just some food for thought:) Still think we are “just hairdressers”? We are chemists, artists and magicians as well;)

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