Orlando Hairshow


Here you go! As promised- a blog post about our Orlando Hairshow!! I know many of our clients ask what we see, do and what goes on during a Hairshow. I hope this post gives you a little bit of insight into a day at a Hairshow.

This years show was in Orlando, Fl from Saturday June 3rd to Monday June 5th. This is our favorite show cause it is MASSIVE! There were over 800 vendors on the show floor this year! 5 of our Cameron Salon girls attended the show this year. We went most of the day Sunday ( 4 of them flew in Sunday morning and went straight to the show after getting off the plane), and all day on Monday. At these shows you have many options. You can just walk around the show floor and look at everything the vendors have to offer. This is anything from new products, product deals, information pamphlets and tester bars to try out products / tools. The spa side of the show offers things like eyelash extensions, micro blading and our personal favorite- massage chairs, that you can pamper yourself in after a long day of endless standing and walking.20170604_152558

A lot of the companies also have booths or stages set up that you can stand or sit and watch demonstrations or shows of them using new products and tools, or them forecasting what the newest cut and color trends are for the upcoming season.

Below were some of the fashion colors forecasted to be the most popular trends this year!


You could easily spend 2 days just doing this part of the show. Other things offered at the show are classes, main stage shows where each company shows off their best stylists and the work they have been awarded for through out the year in the beauty industry, as well as their companies newest ideas for cutting and coloring techniques and hands on training.

So, after 2 eight hour days in a row at the show, what did we see and gain from the show??

Color Trends– Everything is still Balyage. If you are not familiar with this term, it simply means painted on color or highlights. The result is a soft, transitional color melt. Anything goes with in the field of balyage- vivid colors, pastels, dark into light or vice versa. Its such a beautiful way to color hair. We do tons of it already in the salon and brought home some new tools and different types of lightner to help us continue on our balyage journey:)

Cutting Trends-   I didn’t feel like anything stood out as super”different” for womens hair. Under cutting or shaving out one side was still big.

Screenshot_2017-06-19-14-26-21Fringe (bangs and face framing layers) were seen a lot on the models.  I saw a lot of wavy hair on the medium to long lengths.

The UPDOS all had volume, texture and we were still seeing a lot of braids. We did see some new ways to incorporate braids into our updos to make them faster from Martin Parsons. He does all of his updos without ever using a curling iron!! Pretty impressive to watch!


Men’s cuts are what I really noticed this show. The hard line/ parts were everywhere. Men cuts that were actually being styled was shown on pretty much every stage, with products to style accordingly. If you are looking for a different hairstyle for your husband, boyfriend, son, check out these style cuts that are kinda a throw back to the days gone by when men always wore a suit and always looked well put together.

I also saw a decent amount of long mens styles too- which is not a favorite of mine at all, but it’s out there.

Things that seemed like a great idea in the moment….this happens at least once every hairshow haha. I’ve seen people get some interesting haircuts, pierce their noses and ears and get nail enhancements that are pretty awful but seemed like great ideas IN THE MOMENT at these shows. This was Glitter Roots. Hannah and I thought this would be so fun…..but about 5 min later we kinda regretted our choice;) I think its really cute mixed into a braid( you cant see the back of my hair in the photo, but they put it in my braids and it was cute there, but we didn’t love it in our part. Live and learn;) At least it wasn’t permanent!


Tools and Products-

We brought back the new WOW line of products which I posted about in my last blog. If you missed that you can read all about it here-https://wordpress.com/post/cameronsalon.wordpress.com/2221 .   

These products are awesome, I highly recommend you try them out for yourself! My clients have been loving them!

Our nail tech Jill brought back the new Gelish dip nail system. I had one nail done with this product at the show and it was great. Looks and feels like an acrylic, but it was done on my natural nail, no odor and extremely fast application time!  If you are looking for something that is stronger then our Gelish gel polish, but dont want to destroy your nails with traditional acrylics, this is a great system to try out!19149322_10158872215275486_6148105110503446513_n

Each of us brought back different things to personally use in the salon. See your stylist to see what treasures she returned from the show with:) I personally came back with some new scissors- If you know me well or are one of my clients, you know I don’t do boring scissors:)20170604_171807

I also brought back the Beach Waver Pro curling iron! It’s what they use to curl all the hair for the Victorias Secret run way shows. IMG_20170617_214934Its a automatic rotating iron that you can control the speed and direction on, plus it has a heat setting. It cuts curling time in half!! I’ve been loving it on my clients this past week!! Stop in to check it out or feel free to ask me to use it on you or to use it on yourself to try!! We can order them if there is interest, we just wont be carrying them in the salon at this time.

Outside of the show, we get some time to sight see and enjoy time together. We all got to have dinner at Planet Hollywood the 2nd night! Great food, lots of fun!! My family got to tag along too!19113638_10158872269360486_5305244893615658480_n

So I hope that’s given you a glance into what we get to experience at these hairshows. We always come back inspired and ready to try new fun things on our clients. See something you’d like to try in this post?? Let us know at your next appointment!! Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at www.cameronsalon.com

Hope to see you soon!!

Fresh from the Orlando Hairshow!!

5 of our stylists attended the Orlando Hairshow on June 4th and 5th (keep an eye open for a full blog post about the show!). We brought back a new product line called Color WOW. Color WOW has received 40 major beauty awards from various companies/magazines like Allure, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and The O Oprah Magazine.  Here are some WOW Facts about their popular root cover up product.


  • World’s #1 award wining root cover up
  • Free of waxes and dyes
  • Won’t come off on clothes or pillows
  • Water- resistant, stays on until shampooed out- YOU CAN EVEN SWIM WITH IT!!!!
  • Not tested on animals
  • Natural mineral pigments
  • Covers grey and dark roots without peroxide
  • No parabens, safe for use during pregnancy


This product not only gives you great coverage for grey/ roots, but it can also be used on thinning areas to make the hair appear thicker!! It’s compact case makes it convenient to throw in your purse or makeup bag to carry with you easily.

The WOW line also has shampoo and conditioner, styling products and 3 heat activated tonics that you can mix and cocktail with the other products or by themselves. color-wow-carbs-coconut-and-kale-cocktails

The Cocktails address 3 major hair problems-

  1. Coconut Cocktail– for hair that has lost its natural, external lipid layer and looks dry, dehydrated, rough and straw like, rough and frizzy. Restores gloss, silkiness and humidity resistance. I have personally tried this one in my hair and my hair felt and looked great after!!
  2. Kale Cocktail– for hair that has suffered internal damage from chemicals and has became fragile and easily breaks. Strengthens, reduces breakage by 50%, detangles and guards hair against UV ray damage.
  3. Carb Cocktail– For limp, fine, thin hair. Adds a 3-D fiber mesh to the hairs surface. Styles will hold easier and longer, hair will look fuller and feel thicker with this product. We are loving this product in the salon!


The other products in the line are all formulated to clean or style your hair without killing your color. The SHAMPOO does not contain any sulfates, silicones, conditioning agents or pearlizing agents- all which strip out color. These ingredients are in almost every other shampoo on the market and they leave behind residues that can dull the hair, weigh it down and impede new hair growth or cause thinning.

The CONDITIONERS detangle, hydrate, smooth and silken without the typical conditioning ingredients that can oxidize on the hair and corrupt the color or turn it brassy! It comes in Fine/Normal and Normal to Thick.

Color-15 (1)

The Color Wow Stylers give you style that is safer for your hair and helps with-

  • More Bounce
  • Brighter Color
  • Less Stress
  • Easier to Style
  • More Gloss
  • Smoother Texture
  • Less Breakage

We have the following styling products-

*Pop and Lock High Gloss Shellac– it is a oil and serum combo for sleek texture and epic shine.

*One Minute transformation styling cream– Delivers polished, frizz free blowdry results in under 60 seconds. Polymers give hair “style memory”.

*Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray– Alcohol free formula helps with a faster, safer blow dry time on color treated hair. A crystal clear polymer wraps around the cuticle, closing it tight and “shrink wrapping” each strand so excess water beads off and speeds up the drying time by 30%. FASTER DRYING TIME!!!! Who doesn’t want that??

Would you like to try these new products?? Stop in the salon and shop our retail area or ask your stylist to try them on you at your next appointment! Need an appointment!? Call the salon at 724-349-5447 or schedule online at www.cameronsalon.com