More than just a hairdresser…..

Does this chart make any sense to you?? If not, this is one of the many reasons why your hairdresser is “more than just a hairdressser”. We as stylists have to have everything in this chart constantly in the back of our minds every time we are coloring, highlighting, toning or color mixing. THIS knowledge is one of the many reasons professional haircolor services turn out so much better than at home color.

I am not typically someone who comments on random posts online, It’s just not my personality type. However, I stumbled across a post on a Mom’s group I am in from college and saw a girl asking about going darker with her hair for fall and if using color from Sally’s was going to be a better choice than box color. After seeing a few comments from non hairdresser moms, I decided to jump in and try to help best I could. A little background on the girl- She said she was trying to save money by not going to the salon and color her hair at home. She said she was currently blonde and wanting to go dark but anytime she has done it in the past it fades out in the 1st few shampoos. She said she wondered if buying color from Sally’s would help with that fading.

Here are some things I told her that are important to keep in mind and to take into consideration when choosing to color your hair at home as opposed to going to the salon……and how in the long run it may not actually be saving you money at all.

  1. Throwing dark color on blonde hair will fade. Always. Depending how often you shampoo it and how light the hair was to start will determine how quickly it fades.
  2. To help combat fading, sometimes the hair needs “filled”. ( More on that in a min.)
  3. Depending how light or processed the hair is to start, the porosity needs to be taken into consideration. Hair that is overly processed will act differently than healthy, virgin hair. It will either suck color in making it appear darker, or it will not take the color fully or evenly, making it appear hollow.
  4. You have to take into consideration what the underlying pigment is of the color you currently have and what it is missing for the target shade you are after. Not taking this into consideration when choosing a color shade is how people end up with hair that has gross undertones to it like green or blue or a “muddy look”. THIS is when filling comes into effect.
  5. The chart above shows all of these things. This chart is permanently engrained in every stylists mind and this information helps us formulate the best possible color for your desired result.
  6. Did you know most box colors come with 20vlm developer? Did you know very few people going darker need 20vlm developer. 20vlm is used to lift base color and deposit. If you are already light, you do not need to lift, this is how people get hot roots where it looks like your root area is glowing and brighter than the rest.
  7. You have to take gray coverage into consideration when formulating color. Different percentages of gray require different color formulas and developer.

So, still think you’re ready to color your own hair? Say you did try to go to Sallys and pick out color for yourself. Do you feel you could confidently look at this chart and know what you need to get your desired result? Did you know Sally’s is NOT professional color? That anyone can walk in off the street and buy color there, so it is no different than color from Walmart. The people who work there most of the time do not have an extensive knowledge of color to be able to help you get what you need. If you were going to understand this chart and try to fill your hair yourself- you are going to need AT LEAST 2 bottles of color, if not more. So say you got the supplies and color you needed from Sallys and it came to $50 once you got the tubes of color, developer, brush, gloves, etc. You bring it home and use it and the result is NOT AT ALL what you hoped for. We charge $65 for color in the salon. So by you saving $15 by coloring your hair at home- you are now left with the choice of dealing with a color you hate, or getting it fixed in the salon. Except now, it is most likely a color correction in the salon resulting in a higher bill at checkout. Wouldnt it have just made more sense to just get in done in the salon where they know exactly what you need and what to mix in the 1st place? Just some food for thought:) Still think we are “just hairdressers”? We are chemists, artists and magicians as well;)

Want your hair to look it’s best for the holiday season ahead? Call to schedule your appointment at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at

Holiday Schedule and Gift Guide

I know it’s hard to believe, and some people may not want to hear it so they can continue to be in denial, but Thanksgiving is only 1 week away and Christmas is just 5 weeks away!!!

*The salon will be open Monday Nov 23rd to accommodate the days off over the Holiday season.

*We will be closed Thursday November 26th to Saturday November 28th.

*We will be closed Thursday December 24th to Saturday December 26th for Christmas.

*We will be closed Thursday December 31st and Friday January 1st for New Years.

Looking for some Holiday Gift ideas?

  1. The salon currently has CHi Lava flatirons in stock for $139.
Adjustable Heat Setting. Larger size plates for faster smoothing!

2. We also have IKOO infusions Thermal Treatment Wraps.

3. We have the newest OPI Shine Bright and Muse of Milan polish collections. These are perfect stocking stuffers!

4. We also have the Wet brush Villians brushes.

5. Cameron Salon gift certificates make a great gift- everyone loves to get their hair and nails done!!

Pinterest/social media expectations

“I saw it on Pinterest.” I think a large majority of us can agree that we say this or hear this multiple times in a weeks time. Pinterest is a great way to find ideas for reorganizing your kitchen, planning a wedding or birthday party, finding a new recipe and picking your next hairstyle or color.

Yes, Pinterest is the “go to” for ideas. But it can’t replace a consult with a stylist.

Keep in mind, some of what you see on pinterest is photo shopped. The majority of pictures you see on social media can be enhanced and changed with filters. That beautiful creamy blonde, may be blue in another picture, and bright red in yet another.

Below are just a few examples I found when I typed in “Pinterest vs. Reality hair color.

Why is this an issue you may wonder??? Us as hairstylists have many talents. However, waving a magic wand or applying filters to real life clients is not one of them. So, when a client shows us (as an example) the above photo and wants their end result to be the filtered photo, that can be in issue. In reality, the 1st photo could be possibly more achievable and realistic. The 2nd photo would maybe be achievable after multiple sessions and toners. Maybe. But since like I said real life can’t be filtered, the 1st photo would be much more achievable. Pinterest however makes people think anything is possible. So, keep an open mind when chosing these extreme photos on Pinterest.

We love to see the pictures of colors and styles you love, but until we can actually look at your hair, and talk to you, we can tell you how realistic it is for you to get the same look. And more importantly, we can keep it real by telling you honestly what you’ll need to do to keep it up and what it will cost to maintain that coveted new style and color.

So come in. Bring your phone. Show us what you’ve pinned. But let’s talk too!

Need to schedule an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at Keep in mind when scheduling, if you ARE planning something pinterest worthy extreme and drastic, you should call to schedule as we can schedule more efficiently than the computer can.

New OPI Muse Of Milan Collection

opi muse 3

The salon has the newest OPI fall/winter Muse of Milan polish collection in stock and for use in our nail rooms. These new shades are SO pretty and perfect for the new fall season ahead.

I am always drawn to the grays, dark teals and purples in a line and I am currently sporting the Drama at La Scala dark teal color as seen below.

OPi Muse 4


My daughters favorite color is purple and she was THRILLED when I came home with a bottle of  Leonardos Model Color- shown below;) Perks to having a Mommy that works in a salon.

opi muse 1

Are you as excited about these new colors as I am?? Stop in the salon to pick up a bottle to try for yourself at home, or ask to have them used in our nail room during your manicure or pedicure. Need to make an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at

Back in our “new normal”

Things have finally slowed down just a tiny bit that I can sit down and update what is going on in the salon since we have returned amidst this Covid-19 pandemic. We want you to know that the salon is OPEN and doing everything we can do to keep our clients and staff safe while still looking and feeling their best.

The salon is open at 50% capacity. We are currently only working out of 5 of our 9 stations, 2 of our pedicure chairs and 2 of our manicure tables. All of these are spaced out 6 feet apart for your safety. We have removed some of our shampoo bowl chairs as well as dryer chairs to allow social distancing also. We no longer have chairs in the waiting room as we are asking you wait in your car now.

Please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling ill at all.

When you arrive at the salon we ask that you call to let us know you have arrived. Please arrive alone for your appointment unless you are accompanying a minor for their appointment. Please leave unnecessary extra items in your car to prevent contamination. Please no food or drink in the salon.

Your stylist will then either call you or come and get you to let you know they are ready for your appointment. We are doing our best to stay on time, but sometimes we run into unexpected projects, so please bare with us.

Upon entering the salon, we ask that you wear your mask and continue to wear it the duration of your appointment. The salon staff will all be wearing masks as well. Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk as well as each stylist’s station. Your stylist may be in a different station than normal and also in a different station each time you come for an appointment, so allow them to direct you to the right one.

Know that we are taking extra precautions on top of our usual sanitation processes to make sure we are keeping everyone in the salon as safe as possible. We are sanitizing high traffic touch points often as well as our stylists cleaning any chair or surface them or their client have touched all day long. We are booking mostly just one client at a time to ensure the 50% capacity in the salon as well as giving us extra time to do the necessary cleaning needed during this time and between each client.

**We have DISCLAIMERS posted all throughout the salon and by having services provided by us, you are agreeing to them. That you are representing in good faith that in the last 2 weeks, you have not been diagnosed with or cared for someone diagnosed with Covid-19. You have no shown symptoms or come in contact with anyone exibiting symptoms of Covid-19. You do not have a cough, fever, shortness of breath, or loss of taste/smell and will follow all posted salon rules.**

ALSO , please note we have updated our Cancellation and No Show Policies- Effective 6/1/2020

* If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give us a 24 hour notice for any changes made to a reserved appointment. Example: Just a cut instead of the color/ Highlight you scheduled. We need to know that the time you won’t be using is available for other customers. Also, our stylists are paid by commission, so if they booked out 2.5 hours to do your cut, color and highlight and you didn’t call or didn’t show, they aren’t making money during those 2.5 hours.

  • If we receive less than 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment, it may result in a $25 cancellation fee. This fee will be added to the end of your next appointment.
  • NO SHOW/NO CALL/ FORGOTTEN APPOINTMENTS- A no call, no show or forgotten appointment will result in a fee of 50% of the missed service total. This fee WILL be added to your next appointment.
  • 2 NO call, No show/ forgotten appointments means we are NOT a good fit for each other. WE understand that and wish you the best as a walkin appointment or at your new salon.

Text and Email reminders are sent out ahead as a courtesy. Please make sure that your current phone number/ email address is attached to each appointment, each time. Those reminders are computer generated. Please DO NOT reply to them. You must call our salon.

We are all adjusting to life in this time of uncertainty and new normal. It has been great to see each and every one of our clients so far in this past month we have been open and we can’t wait to continue to see you through the summer months. Any questions or need to book an appointment, Call the salon at 724-349-5444. Online booking is also open for scheduling again at If you are unsure of how much time you need for your appointment or are just getting your hair done for the 1st time since quarentine or after many months, please call the salon to make sure they schedule enough time to accomodate what you will need to have done.



Keep an eye out in your email (possibly junk mail) in the next day or 2 for the Spring edition of our Cameron Salon Newsletter if you have signed up for it previously! Once you receive it, make sure to comment under this Facebook post or mention it to your stylist that you saw it. We would love to know how many of our clients are reading our letter as we continue forward with this form of communication in the future! Thanks for your help!  If you haven’t signed up for it and would like to receive the newsletter in the future, make sure to comment in the facebook post or sign up at your next appointment at the front desk at the salon. We plan for the newsletter to come out quarterly.


Stylist Spotlight- Kennedy

Todays Stylist Spotlight is on our newest stylist to the salon- Kennedy Cameron.


Kennedy is a recent 2 time graduate of Indiana County Technology Center. She got her cosmetology license last year and She just finished her schooling to get her teachers license in hopes to teach cosmetology classes part time in the future. She says she enjoys every aspect of salon life and specializes in updos and formal styles. She also does great nail art. She does excellent work and we are excited to have her as a part of our team! We look forward to seeing what Kennedy brings to the salon in the 2020 year ahead.

Check out some of her work below- Doesn’t she do a great job??

You can follow her on Instagram at _kennedy_creates

Need an appointment with Kennedy? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at

Stylist Spotlight- Hannah


Today’s stylist spotlight is- Hannah Weiland

Hannah has been with our salon for 4 years and in the industry for 6.


Hannah received her education at the Indiana Cosmetology Academy. She attends a hair show every year and attends classes in and out of the salon to further her education in the salon industry.



Hannah specializes in updo styles for special occasions and blondes. Hannah says her favorite thing about the salon industry is how it is always changing. She loves doing new things and making her clients look trendy.

On top of working full time at the salon, Hannah is busy planning a wedding for next May.

Hannah does great work- take a look at some of it below!


Follow her on Instagram @hair_thingsbyhan

Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at

New Salon Products

The salon has just got quite a few new products in stock the last few days. If you are looking for something new or just want to try a different type of your favorite product, check out these products below.

It’s a 10-


Miracle Defrizzing Cleansing Conditioner– This one step cleanser and conditioner is amazing for ultra detangling. It defrizzes, deep conditions, protects against breakage and increases hair manageability. This is a Co-wash, so it just lightly cleanses the hair while conditioning.

Miracle Defrizzing Curl Cream– This cream defines curls, adds shines, hydrates hair and defrizzses. It has a lasting hold to help shape curls air dried or diffused.


Pulp Riot-


Liverpool Spray in Volumizer– This product gives the hair some serious grip, lift and texture without being sticky. It smells great and has been a customer favorite these last few weeks.


Wet Brush- 


NEW Disney princess pro brushes! The handles on these brushes feel awesome!




Lux Enhancer–  this is a blow dry creme with superior hold and long lasting volume. It adds fullness,volume and shine to any hair type.

Precision Flexible Wax-This pliable wax texturizes and defines all hair types.

Dry Texture Finishing Spray-Apply this product at the roots of any finished hairstyle for instant fullness, body and lasting hold.


Stop in and shop our retail area or ask your stylist to try one of these on your hair at your next appointment.

Do you need an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at



Product Liter Duos

The salon has just got in some liter sized shampoo and conditioner duos. These are great deals as they are larger then usual sizes at excellent price points. They range from $34.99 to $37.99.

We currently have-

Paul Mitchell– Color Protect, Smoothing and Extra Body duos as well as Tea Tree Original, Lavender Mint and Lemon Sage.



Bed Head– Urban Anti dotes Re energize, recovery and resurrection or as most of you know them as Bed Head Green, Blue and Red.


Stop in and grab them while supplies last!! Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at