Pinterest/social media expectations

“I saw it on Pinterest.” I think a large majority of us can agree that we say this or hear this multiple times in a weeks time. Pinterest is a great way to find ideas for reorganizing your kitchen, planning a wedding or birthday party, finding a new recipe and picking your next hairstyle or color.

Yes, Pinterest is the “go to” for ideas. But it can’t replace a consult with a stylist.

Keep in mind, some of what you see on pinterest is photo shopped. The majority of pictures you see on social media can be enhanced and changed with filters. That beautiful creamy blonde, may be blue in another picture, and bright red in yet another.

Below are just a few examples I found when I typed in “Pinterest vs. Reality hair color.

Why is this an issue you may wonder??? Us as hairstylists have many talents. However, waving a magic wand or applying filters to real life clients is not one of them. So, when a client shows us (as an example) the above photo and wants their end result to be the filtered photo, that can be in issue. In reality, the 1st photo could be possibly more achievable and realistic. The 2nd photo would maybe be achievable after multiple sessions and toners. Maybe. But since like I said real life can’t be filtered, the 1st photo would be much more achievable. Pinterest however makes people think anything is possible. So, keep an open mind when chosing these extreme photos on Pinterest.

We love to see the pictures of colors and styles you love, but until we can actually look at your hair, and talk to you, we can tell you how realistic it is for you to get the same look. And more importantly, we can keep it real by telling you honestly what you’ll need to do to keep it up and what it will cost to maintain that coveted new style and color.

So come in. Bring your phone. Show us what you’ve pinned. But let’s talk too!

Need to schedule an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at Keep in mind when scheduling, if you ARE planning something pinterest worthy extreme and drastic, you should call to schedule as we can schedule more efficiently than the computer can.

2019 Fall Hair Trends


Just a few weekends ago 5 of our stylists attended the Premiere Beauty Hairshow in Philadelphia, Pa. They came back inspired, full of new tricks and info and all saying the same thing- The 70’s styles were everywhere on the show floor and making a come back in the hair industry. How do we take these inspired trends from this past era and make them wearable for todays modern clientele? Below are some of the trends making a come back and how they can be wearable in this day and age.

  1. The Shag– This style is all about layers of various lengths. It looks great in the modern hair world when paired with some wave or texture. This can be done on many different lengths of hair, but would be especially ideal for clients who like to keep their length but are looking for something a little different. This style is all about movement and fringe around the face area.

2. Curtain Bangs– To go along with the shag look, Curtain bangs are gaining popularity again. These are essentially side bangs or a heavy bang split in the middle with added fringe. These are great for pulling the hair up cause they leave you with a fringe area framing your face to soften your look.

3. Sleek and Straight Ponytails–  This is the perfect option due to its convenience and the natural effortless look it provides. This works well for those looking for a minimalist yet classy hairdo. We have seen this quite a bit this year for both prom and homecoming styles.

4. Small Braids in the Hair– This look leans towards the Bohemian trend. It works well for a classy red carpet look and blends well with the rest of the hair making it fun and subtle for mid length to long hair. This is something else we have seen a ton of this year.

Side note/Confession- Your blogger here (Abra) is NOT a braider. I can get by with these tiny braids, normal 3 strand braids, and some french and fish tail braids. But if you sit in my chair and show me a Game of Thrones looking Pinterest braid or a waterfall braid, I am going to tell you Sorry, it is not within my power to recreate that look for you and I will most likely send you to one of our other stylists if we cant come up with a different idea. Hey, we all have our downfalls. 15 plus years of hairdressing and braiding is definitely mine.  Now you know;)

Which one of these trends are you dying to try?? Need to schedule an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at 

Want to see what the Fall 2019 haircolor trends are?? Check out this post I made a few weeks ago.Fall Color Trends

Fall Color Trends

With fall just around the corner, we will start to see alot of clients moving toward “fall hair”. This can mean many different things, whether it be darker hair, warmer hair, adding a root to a blonde balayage or just adding some depth to their blonde with lowlights. Below are a few photos I rounded up to give some great ideas for choices for changing your bright summery hair color to more of a Fall look.

Ideas for Blondes

Imagine all these girls in the photos below started with Blonde hair. Just Blonde. Bright summer blonde. Here is how they transitioned into these looks to make their blonde more ” Fall Ready”.

Photo 1- Blended Lowlights with a dark blonde or Lt Brown.

Photo 2- Rooted Balayage with toned ends

Photo 3- All over Brown color with Blonde left as a Balayage

These are great examples of some things you can do to your Blonde hair to make it look more fall. Also another Fall favorite- Adding red or cinnamon lowlights up against the blonde.

Ideas For Brunettes

Imagine all the girls in the photos below have just brunette hair, maybe that is very faded from summer sun or dark hair with some highlights through it. Here are some options they would have to get more of a fall look.

Photo 1- Add some dimension through out your light or faded summer hair by doing an all over brown at your root area and pulling it through in some areas for dimension while toning the blonde to give it a Balayaged look.

Photo 2- Give your brunette a whole new tone by going with some copper!!

Photo 3- Leave a few brighter blonde pieces from summer as a Balayage and do a redish brown all over base color on everything else.

Photo 4- Do a dark brown root color and a caramel toned balayage to give your color a new warmth for fall.

Love these ideas?? Show your stylist at your next appointment! Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at

Fall 2018 Color Trends

Most people don’t need me to remind them that summer is very quickly coming to a close and fall is right around the corner. A lot of people can’t wait for fall. Pumpkin everything, cooler weather, flannels, back to school and shorter nights.  Along with cooler weather usually comes changes in color in the salon world. The bright blonde highlights turn into caramels. Brunettes starts to turn red. There are so many fun options for changing your current color into something more fall. Here are a few ideas of what is currently being forecasted for the Fall 2018 Season.

Dusty Tones– Think Dusty Rose, Dusty Lavender and Rose Gold. All look so pretty all over as a balayage


Deep Reds-


Chocolaty Caramel 



These colors are gorgeous! Need an appointment?? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at

Spring/ Summer Nail Trends

With the weather finally (fingers crossed) turning over to warm and spring like temperatures (hey, a girl can hope!), we will start to see more and more open toe shoes and sandals appear. With this comes an increase in pedicures in the salon. We also see an increase in manicures and nail art for clients going to weddings, graduations and vacations in the warmer months.This is when we start to see the latest nail trends appearing strongly. I thought I would compile a list of some popular nail trends that we have already seen in the salon as well as some from Pinterest to help inspire clients as they are looking forward to the upcoming nail season. Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at Manicures are $18, Gel Polish is $23. Pedicures are $36. You can add on nail art for $5 to $15 depending on the amount and level of difficulty involved.

Pinterest Ideas:




Past Nail Client Ideas:

Here is some of the beautiful nail art work our nail tech Jill has done. She is our full time Nail Tech in the salon. Most of our stylists also do nails and nail art so feel free to schedule with any of them as well.

Question and Answer Time

Young woman thinking with question mark circulation around her h

Today I thought I would share some questions we get asked frequently in the salon as well as the answers that we give our clients to help them out with these questions or issues they face. Maybe some of these are things you have thought or questioned yourself?! Hopefully you find these helpful!

Client Question 1)-” What is the best cut/ style I can get to not have to do anything to my hair in the mornings? I like easy and low maintenance, but I also want it to look just like this picture” (showing a picture from pinterest on their phone).

Answer This is a really hard question to answer. 97% of people do not have what we call “wash and wear” hair. Most clients have to do some form of styling to their hair to get a desired result. Most photos you see on Pinterest are styles- hair that has been styled and effort has been put into the style. So we usually try to tell clients no matter what style or photo they choose, they are most likely going to have some maintenance involved in their styling. Exceptions to this are curly hair- where you can a lot of times wash and scrunch for styling. Clients with silky smooth hair that desire a straight style can also typically get away with just shampoo and drying. These are really the only exceptions. Some styles can be easily styled WHILE blow drying, shaping the hair with a round brush to get the desired look. This saves time and keeps you from having to do extra styling with a flat iron or curling iron once the hair is dried.

Client Question 2)- “I found the product I use on Amazon or at CVS, TJMax, etc. Is it ok that I just pick them up there when I need them?”

Answer– NO! This is never ok. Salon products are sold only in professional salons. If you look at the back of any bottle,can or tube of salon product you will see it says “sold only in professional salons”. When these products show up in other places like drug stores or online, it is because of something called Product Diversion. Diversion occurs when products are sold in “unauthorized” places. Genuine products are sold only in authorized salons, spas or authorized salon related websites. WHY DIVERSION IS BAD? Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use. This could not only potentially affect your hair and scalp health, but it is also taking away business from the salon industry, which is where the products are made for and how you get a professional recommendation to be able get the product your hair needs.

Client Question 3…This one is a personal favorite;) )- “Every time I get my hair colored or highlighted, a few weeks later, I have roots. What can I put on my hair to stop that from happening and not get roots anymore.” Yep. This has actually been asked….on more then one occasion.

Answer– There is nothing you can do to stop your hair from eventually growing and showing a regrowth line or “roots”. Everyone’s hair grows at least a 1/2 inch a month. This is the natural growing pattern for hair. Some hair grows even faster which would result in even more regrowth. You want your hair to be healthy and continue to grow. This does however mean you will start to see “roots” at the 3 to 4 week mark after getting color. Nothing you do will stop this from happening. You can purchase shampoo and conditioner made to help seal your color in so that it doesn’t fade off the rest of the hair strand. You can also have different color techniques done to help lengthen the time in between colors such as a balyage- This technique allows highlights to be more natural looking and start further down on the hair strand which hides the regrowth line some as it grows. The closer the base color is to your natural color it also hides the regrowth line better.

Client Question 4)- “How often should I shampoo my hair?”

Answer- This answer varies from client to client. A lot of it is personal preference. If you have colored hair, not shampooing every day could extend the life of your color. Not shampooing your hair daily leaves some of your natural oils on the hair, so if you are someone with dry hair, this could help relieve that some. Even if you are someone who has oily hair, you don’t have to shampoo daily. You can use dry shampoo which comes in spray and sprinkle form and helps to absorb extra oils on the hair and give the hair needed volume. Some people (including myself) prefer to shampoo daily, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just know that color washes/fades out with every shampoo, so if you shampoo daily it will fade your color faster.

Client Question 5)- “Why can’t I ever get my hair to look like it does when you style it?”

Answer– First off, all of our stylists have been through at least a year or more of beauty school and extensive training and continuing ed classes since graduating. On top of that education, they are daily in the salon building and practicing all areas of the trade. They love what they do and it shows!! However, this does not mean you can’t learn to style your hair like we do. A few tricks that we use that will help you are- sectioning your hair off with a clip when you dry, flat iron or curl. This helps ensure you get all of your hair dried or styled. It keeps you from taking too big of sections to smooth or curl giving you a more done, professional look to your style. Start your curls from the middle of your hair strand. Starting from the end and curling up gives you a large section of the hair that never gets in the iron and get heat, therefore not getting curled. By starting in the middle of the hair strand and pulling and clicking the hair through the iron, all of the hair gets curled and it gives volume at the root area. It also helps the hair hold curl better. Another thing we as stylists do to help your curls or style take and hold better is to spray each section with hairspray as you curl or style. Feel free to ask your stylist to show you the best way to dry, curl or flat iron your hair at your next appointment.

Do you have a question you would love for us to answer?? Feel free to ask or comment in the post!!

2018 Spring Hair Color Trend Ideas

Loreal Professional has posted some Spring hair color trends for 2018. Last years bold hair color trends are carrying through to this year. Pastels, rainbow, brights- all are still totally on trend. The “it” color for 2018 is Purple, and in every variety and variation. Think: purple acid, lavender locks with shadow roots, purple smoke, and more. Want to try any of these beautiful colors? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at  Make sure to select Technique Color when scheduling online, or to tell the receptionist on the phone just what you have in mind.


Loved last year’s pastel hair craze? This allover pale purple hair color looks especially pretty when styled at opposite ends of the spectrum, either cropped at the chin or worn cascading down your back.


No matter your starting hair color, dipping your ends in a vibrant shade of purple can be especially alluring.


If you love to stay in line with fashion and beauty trends, you’re going to be smitten with this two-toned hair. Where a pretty pale purple shade monopolizes much of the look, this season’s favorite shadow roots serve as an edgy accent to an otherwise overtly girly-looking mane.


Bold hair colors have really made a name for themselves over the last few months, but nowadays they’re taking it up a notch. Instead of being solely highly pigmented, 2018 is about to bear witness to a technicolor dream come true. For this particular hair color, you can expect a vibrant, nearly neon shade.


Looking for a purple hair color that’s just a bit more subdued than the norm? There’s nothing like a dusty mauve hair color to turn heads and take names. Gotta love this pinkish-purple look.

2017 Loreal Fall/ Winter Trends

The 2017 Fall/Winter “it looks” trends are beautiful for this current season! Right on point with what we’ve been doing lately in the salon.


This season features 2 different balayage trends.


 1. Tiger Eye
 –  This trend is a subtle balayage for dark bases. This is achieved through a painted balayage highlight with a warm or dark chocolate base to add dimension and texture to the hair.

Who is this for? Clients wanting a very natural and on trend haircolor, balayage or highlights for depth.

Benefits– Subtle highlights are natural and easy to wear for every skin tone, style or personality.



2. Root Shadow20171012_101134.jpg

– This technique creates depth at the roots for a modern twist on highlighted hair.

Who is this for? Clients who want a trendy and easy to wear, lived in blonde look, but dont have the time or desire for frequent appointments.

Benefits- This trendy color effect produces a soft contrast and color melt which is very low maintenance.


Here are some Loreal Stylists who have recently nailed these new looks and posted to social media.


Would you like to try one of these trends as your new fall/winter look? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at


Paul Mitchel Class

The salon had a in house Paul Mitchel class this week and had a great time learning some new tweaks on mens style cuts, balayage techniques and increasing our product knowledge with our newest Paul Mitchel product line- Invisiblewear. We also got to play around with a new balayage lightner and also a color conditioning line to see if it’s something we wanted to add to our menu. This was a hands on class which is always a fun way to learn.  Here are a few photos from the class. Our Teacher was a veteran stylist of 20 years and salon owner for 12 from Maryland.

Not sure what I mean by “mens style cuts”?- Here are some great examples!


Below you can see our girls, learning the best way you can- Hands on!! Doing some customized clipper over scissors cutting and making this female manikin into a male.

Team work blowout;)20171018_153713.jpg


Ask any of our stylists what they learned in our class or if you have any questions about mens style cuts, balayage or our newest Invisiwear line of products from Paul Mitchel.

Wondering what Invisiblewear is??


The invisiblewear line are products made to give you that lived in, soft, 2nd day hair look without feeling it in the hair. They have shampoo, conditioner, colored dry shampoos, tecturizing powder and spray, mouse and a liquid volumizer,hairspray and a 2nd day restyling mist. This line is great for anyone who doesn’t like to feel product in the hair, but wants the results of texture and volume from products. The salon currently carrys the whole line and it can be purchased in our retail area. Our stylists have it on back bar and at their stations if you would like to try it or have it used on your hair.

download (1)

Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at









Latest Hair Color Trends

2017 has been another fun year when it comes to hair color. Every where you look you can see these current trends- Tv, the run ways, magazines, online……..Here are the top 5 trends we’ve seen this year. See one you love?? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at to try it for yourself!! Use some of these pictures to show your stylist what you’d like! When scheduling, make sure to mention you would like to try one of these technique colors so we can make sure to add in some extra time as these types of services take a little longer sometimes to achieve. Choose “Technique Color” when scheduling online and add in the comment section what you’d like to try to give us a heads up before your appointment.

Rose Gold Hair

Silver Hair


Unicorn Hair

Rainbow Hair