More than just a hairdresser…..

Does this chart make any sense to you?? If not, this is one of the many reasons why your hairdresser is “more than just a hairdressser”. We as stylists have to have everything in this chart constantly in the back of our minds every time we are coloring, highlighting, toning or color mixing. THIS knowledge is one of the many reasons professional haircolor services turn out so much better than at home color.

I am not typically someone who comments on random posts online, It’s just not my personality type. However, I stumbled across a post on a Mom’s group I am in from college and saw a girl asking about going darker with her hair for fall and if using color from Sally’s was going to be a better choice than box color. After seeing a few comments from non hairdresser moms, I decided to jump in and try to help best I could. A little background on the girl- She said she was trying to save money by not going to the salon and color her hair at home. She said she was currently blonde and wanting to go dark but anytime she has done it in the past it fades out in the 1st few shampoos. She said she wondered if buying color from Sally’s would help with that fading.

Here are some things I told her that are important to keep in mind and to take into consideration when choosing to color your hair at home as opposed to going to the salon……and how in the long run it may not actually be saving you money at all.

  1. Throwing dark color on blonde hair will fade. Always. Depending how often you shampoo it and how light the hair was to start will determine how quickly it fades.
  2. To help combat fading, sometimes the hair needs “filled”. ( More on that in a min.)
  3. Depending how light or processed the hair is to start, the porosity needs to be taken into consideration. Hair that is overly processed will act differently than healthy, virgin hair. It will either suck color in making it appear darker, or it will not take the color fully or evenly, making it appear hollow.
  4. You have to take into consideration what the underlying pigment is of the color you currently have and what it is missing for the target shade you are after. Not taking this into consideration when choosing a color shade is how people end up with hair that has gross undertones to it like green or blue or a “muddy look”. THIS is when filling comes into effect.
  5. The chart above shows all of these things. This chart is permanently engrained in every stylists mind and this information helps us formulate the best possible color for your desired result.
  6. Did you know most box colors come with 20vlm developer? Did you know very few people going darker need 20vlm developer. 20vlm is used to lift base color and deposit. If you are already light, you do not need to lift, this is how people get hot roots where it looks like your root area is glowing and brighter than the rest.
  7. You have to take gray coverage into consideration when formulating color. Different percentages of gray require different color formulas and developer.

So, still think you’re ready to color your own hair? Say you did try to go to Sallys and pick out color for yourself. Do you feel you could confidently look at this chart and know what you need to get your desired result? Did you know Sally’s is NOT professional color? That anyone can walk in off the street and buy color there, so it is no different than color from Walmart. The people who work there most of the time do not have an extensive knowledge of color to be able to help you get what you need. If you were going to understand this chart and try to fill your hair yourself- you are going to need AT LEAST 2 bottles of color, if not more. So say you got the supplies and color you needed from Sallys and it came to $50 once you got the tubes of color, developer, brush, gloves, etc. You bring it home and use it and the result is NOT AT ALL what you hoped for. We charge $65 for color in the salon. So by you saving $15 by coloring your hair at home- you are now left with the choice of dealing with a color you hate, or getting it fixed in the salon. Except now, it is most likely a color correction in the salon resulting in a higher bill at checkout. Wouldnt it have just made more sense to just get in done in the salon where they know exactly what you need and what to mix in the 1st place? Just some food for thought:) Still think we are “just hairdressers”? We are chemists, artists and magicians as well;)

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Summer Nails

With summer here in full swing, the salon is full of clients getting manicures and pedicures for the beach, vacation or just to sit and enjoy looking at while at the pool or while sporting their sandals. We have seen some really cute nail art leaving the salon lately. Thought we’d share some photos here if you are looking for some inspiration! These nails pictured below were done by our brand new, fresh out of beauty school stylist Andrea. Doesnt she do awesome work!? Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724- 349-5444 or schedule online at Make sure to add “nail art” in the comment section if you are planning to get it.

New Loreal Smartbond

If you could pay to protect your hair from damage due to coloring or highlighting, would you?? The salon has a new product available for us to use during our color services called Smartbond from Loreal professional. The technology in this product protects bonds and durably strengthens the hair resulting in a stronger hair fiber during the color service. It is especially great for anyone looking for transformation colors.


Also, it is great for any clients who goes blonde- whether it be an all over color, balyage or highlights. If you are a regular client who religiously gets your gray covered, Smartbond is a great add on to your service. It helps protect your hair from overall damage, dryness and breakage that can potentially occur over time from coloring services- especially when going lighter. It is a 2 step system with the option of a available take home product. It is just an additional $10 to your color service!  Healthier hair holds color better and looks better and shinier! Ask your stylist about adding Smartbond to your next color service!


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17 Year Anniversary Stock up Sale

The salon will be celebrating it’s 17th anniversary this November. To celebrate we will be having our annual stock up sale from November 8th- 23rd. All products in the salon will be included in this sale. The sale will be 1 product for 10%, 2 for 20% and 3 or more products for 30% off. Stop in and stock up on your most loved products or call the salon and tell them what you need over the phone! You can even pay over the phone with a credit card. 724-349-5444.

The salon will be opening Monday November 21st from 9-8 since we will be closed Thursday through Saturday for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will also be opened regular hours on Tuesday and Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving from 9-8.

Welcome Justine!

The salon would like to introduce our newest Tier 1 stylist- Justine Billotte. Justine has been a stylist for 2 years now. She received her education at the Altoona Beauty School. She specializes in Gel manicures, pedicures, cutting and coloring. She does a excellent job and is currently taking new clients. We have the $18 walk in special going on in the salon right now if you’d like to just stop in and possibly get Justine as your stylist if she’s available at that time, or you can call and schedule an appointment with her at 724-349-5444. You can also schedule online at  We are thrilled to have Justine as part of our team!img952375

Salon Facebook Info/$25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

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Facebook has recently changed the way people can view posts from businesses. In order to continue to see our posts, photos, promos and videos, you need to change the notification settings for each business you follow. You can either go to the “more” button on the facebook app (shown in 1st photo- its the 3 dots stacked on top of each other on the right hand side)

and click notifications and then check the box for all the notifications you wish to receive from us. On a desktop, hover over the LIKED button and click “turn on all” under the notifications drop box. By changing these settings you will now get notifications from us and be able to view our posts, photos and promos we post on our Facebook page. Make sure to do this ASAP so you can keep up to date with what’s going on in the salon, enjoy our  before and after photos and be entered in special promos that only show up on Facebook.

If you check on our facebook page, there was a post with this same info. If you have read this and made sure your notifications are set to receive info from us, you can comment under that post to be entered to win a $25 Salon Gift Certificate:) Must do both- change notification settings AND comment to be entered. Any questions- Feel free to ask any of our staff members.

Good Reminders

I noticed today that in my Facebook newsfeed, 2 topics I had recently blogged on had popped up in discussions or in photos and been shared by many FB users. Anytime I see these 2 particular situations discussed, shown in photos, or in the media, I always like to pass them along- either as a reminder, or to educate clients who may not know! If you didn’t get a chance to read the posts I did on these 2 subjects that I’m passing on as a friendly “your stylist is your friend and wants you to know these things” reminder, you can read them below!

Below is the 1st photo I saw pop up. This is the 1st time I’ve seen this particular photo, but I’ve seen similar and I am ALWAYS telling my clients that products from these types of places are NOT THE SAME as the professional products you purchase in the salon. You can argue with me til you are blue in the face- but at the end of the day, these products are DIVERTED products and not a true, professional quality salon product. They are scams. Stolen, expired and in many cases as shown below, not even the actual product you intended to buy in the bottle. Turn the bottle around and you will see very clearly printed somewhere on the bottle “Sold only in professional salons”. If you read the blog post below that I wrote about diversion you’l l see exactly what this means. Have any questions about this subject? Feel free to ask me or any of our stylists and we’d be happy to answer them for you!

1)Product Diversion- What is it?

***Moral of the Story- Only buy salon products from professional salons that you trust!!


(Photo and captain taken from a friends Facebook newsfeed)pic20160516214355


2)Pinterest Vs. Reality

This 2nd photo collage that showed up in my Facebook feed is a PERFECT reminder for clients that corrective color or huge color changes are not an easy fix and most times require multiple appointments in the salon to achieve your desired result……unless you plan to be bald;) Going from the 1st photo to the last photo in one appointment, you would be very lucky to still have much hair left on your head- trust me. What would be left would not feel much like hair at all!! You can read my above blog post to see why multiple appointments are necessary alot of times and what is involved in a corrective color appointment.


Keep these 2 photos in mind the next time you’re in Walmart, the drug store or TJMAX and are tempted to buy any “professional brand” products or if you are on Pinterest and get a “must have it now” feeling about a color or technique that would be a huge change!!

Want to talk to a stylist about a color change??Need an appointment?? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at through our “Book Now ” button. If you are scheduling for color but wanting a major change, it may be best to call and speak to our receptionist first so they can schedule you accordingly.

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Box Dye VS. Salon Color

I know the temptation.  Your hair needs colored…BAD. You have some crazy roots going on, possibly even some gray too. Your once pretty, bright vibrant red is now faded and sad. You have a special event coming up and your hair dresser is either booked solid or off on vacation. You walk into the store, and there you see shelf upon shelf of boxed hair color. The women on the boxes look so pretty, and happy. Ready to conquer the world with their beautiful, perfectly colored hair. You think to yourself “It’s only $12.99, and Im already so busy, it would save me a trip to the hair dresser, why not!?” Sounds so great, cheap and convienient right??

Long answer made short- NO!!! Here are just some of the reason’s we as stylists/ professionals ask you to stay away from this nasty stuff.

Box dye is destroying your hair- no sugar coating it, it is. It is slowly but surely KILLING your hair, one application at a time. Box dye is not like professional hair dye, its formulated totally different. What exactly are the differences??

Professional Color deposits color inside the hair cuticle where the natural pigment exists. It takes over your natural pigments and becomes the dominant color.  Box Color simply just stains the proteins in the cortex and changes the chemical makeup of the hair.  Hair is made up of 90%  proteins, so when it stains those proteins, your hair is basically no longer your hair.

Professional Color is custom mixed according to your needs and wants, and the color is Just. For. You.   This also means the developer is only as strong as it needs to be. Box Dye is a “one size fits all”. They use the highest developer with the strongest chemicals. If you are a client who doesnt have gray and are just depositing a color, you have no need for the highest developer. By using it in a box, the peroxide in the developer is HIGH and may cause anything from “Hot Roots” (where your root area appears to glow, or is lighter then the ends) , to extreme dryness in the hair.

Professional Color stops working after a set time period and usually stops working all together after a hour. Our particular color line turns into a conditioner the last 10min its on.When its done processing, you shampoo it off and your ready to show off your newly colored gorgeous hair.   Box Color continues to work over time. It is a “progressive” dye cause it keeps processing over time. This means every time you color, you are going to get darker and more damaged, especially with the darker colors. Box color changed the physical makeup of your hair, making the strands actually weaker and the color much harder to change once you get tired of your current color.

Hair color is great- I love to color both my clients hair and have my own done. I haven’t seen my natural hair color since I was 14 years old, nor do I intend to anytime in the future:)  I also know that hair color is a big investment in both time and money. Make sure you recognize and are ready for this kind of a commitment before diving into the world of hair color. Talk with your stylist and discuss your different options. She can make sure you get the right type of color and technique to meet your budget and schedule of your life. Just whatever you do….don’t be tempted to take a stroll down that hair color aisle in the grocery store. Just don’t do it! Trust me, in the long run, you’ll still end up sitting in a stylist’s chair, just with tears in your eyes asking her to fix your hair, and the money you had “saved” by purchasing and using a box will be spent and then some while trying to correct your current color situation.

A suggestion if you are a consistent color client that is tempted to color your own hair cause you have a special event and can’t get in to your stylist- ALWAYS preschedule your next appointment before leaving the salon. That way you never run into this situation:)

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Product diversion-what is it?

If you don’t know the answer to this question – you’re not alone. Nine out of ten consumers do not know what diversion is. But you probably have witnessed it.
Diversion is when products are sold in “unauthorized” places. For example, you might come across a few bottles of salon products in your local supermarket, drugstore, online or at a discounter. Salon professional products you find outside of a salon are considered to be “diverted.” Genuine salon quality products are sold ONLY AT PROFESSIONAL SALONS.

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired product that may not be safe to use. They may not even be the same product you are looking for at all, just simply the packaging with a totally different product put inside.
If you turn over a bottle of professional salon products they say on the back towards the bottom somewhere “Sold and Guaranteed Only by Professional Salons.” This means if you buy salon products in a supermarket, drugstore or any other outlet other than a salon, we cannot guarantee that it is an authentic product that will perform as tested.


You could be. Contaminated or counterfeit products could cause irritation or even infection.


Products are diverted by unauthorized distributors and salons or their employees, plus other dishonest individuals who see profit in piracy

Unauthorized Sales Outlets:
Any Mass Retailer
Any Mass Discount Store
Grocery Store
Online Purchases from non Professional Salon Products Websites


 Something that you can easily spot is that the bottles of salon products that are sold at chains stores pretty often have weird stickers all over them, and ALWAYS a sticker with a different barcode slapped over the original barcode printed on the bottle.

So brazen!

 I’ve also noticed that the prices are usually slightly more expensive- not a huge amount, but more.  I took these 2 photos and info from another stylists blog who was doing some Diversion Investigating herself. She says- “I smuggled a bottle of conditioner from my salon into the drugstore to do a little compare/contrast recon work, and the drugstore conditioner cost two dollars more. Iffy-at-best product at a higher price?  No thank you.  There’s just no reason to do it aside from purely not being aware of diversion as an issue.”What they charge vs. what we charge

Don’t buy it! And tell your friends about the potential danger of diverted products! Redken amoung many other companies, has put alot of time and money into the fight against diversion and they even have a number you can call!! If you see a Redken product for sale outside a salon please send them an e-mail to with the city, state and name of the location where you saw the products. You can also call 800-503-3997 to report diverters. They will conduct a full investigation. You can call any professional product company at any time and report diverted products.

Stop Diversion
Please purchase your products from salons that can offer you the best service and product recommendations for your hair.  Only products purchased in a salon are guaranteed to perform to our standards.  Thank you for supporting your salon and spa community.    ~Cameron Salon

***Was this post helpful?? Have questions about diversion?? Leave a comment in the box below to let us know you were here, We’d love to hear from you!****    Disclaimer:Parts of this were found on Redken/L’Oréal Professionals websites 

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