A Few of our favorite things…..

Everyone has their own “go to products”- whether you are a stylist or a client. These products tend to change as time goes on cause you find new favorites, or the companies discontinue the product that you love and you are forced to find something new.  People love recommendations on products from their stylists, friends, families,etc. So here are “A few of our favorite things” (cue the Sound of Music song so you’ll now have that playing over and over again in your head for the rest of the day……you’re welcome;) ) here at the salon from a few of our stylists/ employees.


This is our receptionist Jill. Her favorite products are Redken Guts and Bedhead Totally Baked. Here’s what she has to say about them-“I have super fine and thin hair and Redken Guts gives me amazing volume all day long.”  Guts is a spray foam volumizing product. Spray in at the root area and dry your hair. This product runs $18. “Bedhead Totally Baked gives my fine hair so much texture and volume. It smells absolutely amazing too. Using both of these products together makes me feel like I have the thick hair I have always wanted”.   Totally Baked is a liquid foam volumizer that you pump into your hand and then put in your wet hair for volume and lift as you dry it. This product runs $16.99.


This is one of our newer Stylists, Winona. Her favorite products are from Paul Mitchel. Hot off the Press and Super Skinny Serum. Here’s what she has to say about those 2 products. ” I like Hot off the Press because it protects the hair from heat but it also works great doubling as a dry shampoo. I like the Super skinny Serum because it adds shine to the hair, keeps frizz controlled, and is nice to put on your fingers and run through tight curls to loosen them up and make them more of a smooth wave.” Hot off the Press is $16.50 and Super Skinny Serum runs $26.98.


MY favorite products (other then Loreal Intense repair masque I’ve blogged about a few times before) are the CHI Hairspray and Moroccan Oil. I love to use the Chi hairspray in the salon for updos and specialty styles because they add alot of shine to the curls. This hairspray is not crunchy at all, but has a nice light to medium hold depending on the amount you spray on the hair. You can still run your fingers through your hair without disturbing the style. This product runs $15.50.  Moroccan Oil is a lightweight oil product that is not greasy. You put it on the hair damp or wet and dry it. It shines and smoothes the frizz and acts as a leave in conditioner. It also works as your heat protection against your heated styling tools. This product comes in 2 sizes and is $16 for a small size and $43 for the large size. A little bit goes a LONG way so this product lasts for a long time.


This is our Boss Lori. She loves our Dermalogica skin care line. Her favorite products in the line are Super Rich and Special Cleansing Gel. Super Rich is a intense, heavier weight moisturizer that can be used as a intense “night cream” or during the day if you desire extra hydration for your skin. A great product for this time of year when skin gets dryer then usual due to the elements.  Special Cleansing Gel is a facial cleansing gel that is great for every skin type. It has a nice lather when u add water to it while cleansing. It helps lift and remove any makeup, oils and surface debris on the skin leaving your skin clean, healthy and ready to accept a moisturizer better. The Dermalogica line is free of any artifical ingredients or preservatives and great for people with sensitive skin.        Do any of these products in this post interest you?? Let us know your favorites! We’d love to hear from you!Feel free to stop in the salon, try any of these for yourself or ask your stylist to use them on you.  Need an appointment? ? Call the salon at 724 349 5444 or schedule online at http://www.cameronsalon.com

New OPI New Orleans Collection


The salon just got in the New- OPI New Orleans spring polish collection!! The colors are gorgeous. They will look great on your nails to get you in the mood for nicer weather and get rid of those “winter blues.” (even though we have yet to really get much a winter….). Try them on your toes with some fun nail art- even if you’re the only one who sees it this time of the year!! Soon…..soon we’ll be showing off those toes in sandals and flip flops! Or at least we can hope!!  Stop in and check them out for yourself, get a manicure or pedicure and treat yourself or take one home to have on hand for touch ups and great color changes. They are $9.50 a bottle.  Get them while they still last!

Got Static this Winter? Try This!!

Has the winter weather made your hair into a crazy, fly away mess full of static? Does it stick to your face and hat and clothes?? Were you one of our many clients who used and loved Bed Head’s Spoil Me spray?? ( Unfortunately Bed Head has discontinued this well loved product….boo….this made me very sad. I LOVED this product on my clients in the salon every day.) Are you looking for a product that will make your life this winter so much easier dealing with your hair? Look no further!!

Our new Wella EIMI line has a product called Thermal Image that is great for not only taming down static, but it also adds moisture to the hair and protects your hair while using your heated styling tools. It’s light weight, and doesnt get heavy or crunchy at all on the hair. Just spray it on dry hair, section by section as your flat iron your hair, or spritz it all over your head to help combat static that pops up when touching or brushing your hair.  The product runs $17.50 and has been one of the lines best sellers so far in our salon.  Stop in and and try it for yourself or ask your stylist at your next appointment to use it on your hair. You will love it!

Need an appointment?? Call the salon at 724- 349-5444 or schedule online at http://www.cameronsalon.com


Welcome Hannah!!

pic20160110213109.jpgPlease join us in welcoming our newest stylist to the salon, Hannah Weiland. Hannah has over 2 years of experience in a salon. She graduated from the Indiana Cosmetology Academy. She specializes in Gel Manicures, Ombre and dimensional haircolor and updo styling. She loves to provide a fun transformation for her clients. She enjoys everything this industry has to offer her and is looking forward to what the future holds for her at Cameron Salon. Feel free to come meet Hannah and take advantage of our “spotlight on new talent” special we have going on til March 12th- 30% off your services over $24 Tuesday through Friday, and 20% off on Saturdays. Hannah is currently  taking appointments and would love to help you with your new exciting look for the new year! Call the salon at 724 349 5444 or schedule your appointment online at http://www.cameronsalon.com

Spotlight on New Stylists

Come and meet our newest staff members and take advantage of some great specials in the process!!

We would like to welcome Hanna to our salon who joined Winona and Alysa this week as our newest stylists. A bio about her will be up on the Blog soon.  For the next 10 weeks, there will be a promotion running if you come in and get a service over $24 with any of our 3 new stylists. Tuesdays through Fridays you can get 30% off your services with these girls, and Saturdays you can get 20% off.  This promotion only applies to the 3 new stylists,  for services over $24 and expires March 12th.  Come in and give them a try! They all do great work and each has 1 to 5 years of experience in a salon. They do manicures, pedicures and Gellish too if you would like to get something special done with your nails!  Call the salon at 724 349 5444 or schedule your appointment online at http://www.cameronsalon.com pic20160106213049

The Gray/Silver Hair Trend

I was asked at a New Years Eve party this past weekend, “you do hair right?Do people actually make their hair gray on purpose”?  When I said yes, that its actually been a pretty big trend the last year, they were floored.  I personally am not a huge fan, and have not had a request for it yet in my chair, other then a coworker who wanteed to try a version of it on her own hair. I did stumble across 2 pictures and statements today on facebook that I thought I’d just share quickly with our readers as “food for thought”. I will say this, done right and professionally like the girl in the 1st photo, I think the trend can be pretty.  But it’s definitely not for everyone nor will it work on every head of hair.  These were both posted by Professional hair dressers today.FB_IMG_1451961315693Screenshot_2016-01-04-21-43-18This 2nd photo, I agree with 100%…..DO NOT try this trend at home!   If you are seriously interested in this trend, feel free to talk it over with your stylist.  We’re always willing to work with you to make you happy. Just know that this trend requires alot of work and time,and most likely more then 1 trip to the salon.  Any thoughts on this popular trend?? I’d love to hear some feedback!