Preparing For Prom 2018

As we cross our fingers and hope that this cold, yucky, gray winter is getting a little closer to coming to an end , we start to look ahead to events that are coming up in the warmer months ahead. One that instantly comes to mind for all of us here in the salon is PROM!! Prom “season” is usually a month long event here in the salon and we start to think about it early just as all our clients start their dress shopping. We thought we’d do a post on “How to be Best Prepared for Prom” to give some tips and ideas to make the upcoming prom season go smoothly and for you to look your best that day. Here are some of our best tips for you to use to get ready these next few months,

  1. Get your Hair Cut and Color 1 to 2  weeks before. Starting your prom day off with your hair in its best shape is going to give you your best results with your style for prom. Getting those split dry ends off will result in a much prettier,  shinier curl the day of prom. Touching up your color ensures your regrowth isn’t even more noticeable once pulled up into a updo.

2.Manicures to help with dry skin and hang nails. Starting a month or so before Prom, you should start getting regular manicures to help shape your nails, clean up your cuticles and get rid of all the dry skin and hang nails. You can talk with your stylist or nail tech to make a game plan for what you would like to do with your nails for the day of prom, also to schedule to have your nails done for prom. If your Prom is on a Saturday, Thursday or Friday is your best bet to get your nails done. If you are doing Gel polish ( which we highly recommend), you could even get them done as early as Tuesday or Wednesday that week and still have them look great.

3. Start scanning Pinterest-for ideas on what you would like your hair to look like the day of Prom. This saves time when you get to the salon and gives your stylist good ideas of where to start with your hair.

4.Come with clean dry hair– The day of Prom, forget the old rumor that dirty hair is best. We prefer clean, dry hair. We can add product to it if you are someone who needs product in your hair. Some peoples hair gets to much build up on it or gets too greasy, oily and weighed down by not shampooing and that is hard to hide in a updo style.

5. Don’t flat iron your hair for 2 to 3 days before prom– Hair has a curl memory. It tends to curl and hold curl best when it hasn’t had excessive heat and smoothing done to it for a few days before hand. Either leaving your hair natural a few days or curling it will help your hair hold curl and curl better the day of prom.

6. Allow yourself enough time– Make sure to schedule yourself on the day of prom allowing enough time for you to get your hair done, travel home, do your makeup, get dressed and have time to take pictures as well. Being rushed makes for a stressful day. Your stylist can only work so fast, and alot of times on these days we run behind because the previous clients did not take the above tips to heart. 1 person running late, showing up with extremely long thick hair or having no idea what they’d like to do can make up run late for the rest of the day. Allow yourself a cushion of time to accomodate for these different variables in the day.

7) Let the receptionist know if you have very long or super thick hair when you schedule– We will need to schedule extra time for these styles to keep us running on time through out the day.

Need an Appointment?? Call the salon at 724-349-5444. You can not schedule a prom updo/style on our online booking.


2018 Spring Hair Color Trend Ideas

Loreal Professional has posted some Spring hair color trends for 2018. Last years bold hair color trends are carrying through to this year. Pastels, rainbow, brights- all are still totally on trend. The “it” color for 2018 is Purple, and in every variety and variation. Think: purple acid, lavender locks with shadow roots, purple smoke, and more. Want to try any of these beautiful colors? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at  Make sure to select Technique Color when scheduling online, or to tell the receptionist on the phone just what you have in mind.


Loved last year’s pastel hair craze? This allover pale purple hair color looks especially pretty when styled at opposite ends of the spectrum, either cropped at the chin or worn cascading down your back.


No matter your starting hair color, dipping your ends in a vibrant shade of purple can be especially alluring.


If you love to stay in line with fashion and beauty trends, you’re going to be smitten with this two-toned hair. Where a pretty pale purple shade monopolizes much of the look, this season’s favorite shadow roots serve as an edgy accent to an otherwise overtly girly-looking mane.


Bold hair colors have really made a name for themselves over the last few months, but nowadays they’re taking it up a notch. Instead of being solely highly pigmented, 2018 is about to bear witness to a technicolor dream come true. For this particular hair color, you can expect a vibrant, nearly neon shade.


Looking for a purple hair color that’s just a bit more subdued than the norm? There’s nothing like a dusty mauve hair color to turn heads and take names. Gotta love this pinkish-purple look.