It’s never just a root touch up……

I read an article on Instagram this week from a beauty industry site I follow called I wanted to just copy and paste the link, but wasn’t having much luck bringing up WordPress at home on our insanely old desktop and we don’t have Wifi to be able to take it from my phone and post it at work- So, instead I am going to just retype and share some of the article. I thought it was very well written and possibly something our clients/readers have never given thought to before. You can read it here below-

” I had someone call the salon the other day asking for a price on a root touch up. When I told her they start at $100 she laughed and said ” no thank you”. I explained to her that it was much more than “just a root touch up”. She laughed again and asked what we do differently. I told her it’s a completely customized service and rather than just pulling a tube of color off the shelf and slapping it on your head, we use multiple tones to create formulas suited just for you. It was like talking to a wall. Needless to say we ended our conversation and I was left wondering if people prefer a cheaper service over quality results? Gray coverage is one of the most completly misunderstood services. It sounds so simple and yet it isn’t. Sometime’s we use up to 4 tubes of color, sometimes just 1- it just depends on the client and the situation. Let me break it down…..

Client comes in and you talk for 10-15 min about your hair while the stylist assesses the situation. Your stylist goes to the back, comes up with your color formula and mixes it up. Comes back out and applies it which can take 15-20 min depending on thickness and how fast your stylist applies color. You process anywhere from 35-45 min. You get shampooed and offered a conditioning treatment. You are then styled which can take 30plus min. depending on the length and thickness of your hair. At this point you’ve just been in the chair for almost 2 hours and had a custom color done using multiple tubes of color at 12plus dollars a tube. I get it though, time and cost of product shouldn’t determine the increase of service prices, But. They. Do. Time is money and products are money.” Here are your Cameron Salon blogger’s thoughts to add to this- remember, you get what you pay for. You may be able to get a box of color off the grocery store shelf for $10 or less to touch up your roots, but does it truly look and feel the same as it does when you walk out of the salon after a retouch!?Does it cover the gray hair the same, hold as well, fade more quickly!? You are paying for a service,our expertise and an experience! Hope this makes sense. We are so thankful for each and every one of our clients!! Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724 349 5444 or schedule online at

New Cameron Salon FB group!!


The salon has a new Group Page we are trying on Facebook currently. Due to changes within Facebook and the way things show up in your newsfeeds, a lot of times the salon news, pictures and specials get lost in Facebook land;) Our new group page will help you not only see those things, but get a notification when something new is posted to the page. If you would like to be added to the group page, either request to be added through the link below, or ask your stylist to have you added at your next appointment!!

NEW Unite Products

The salon is loving the newest line of high end products we have started using on backbar and selling in our retail area.The UNITE products smell great and make the hair feel awesome, soft and shiny! We have the following products available to purchase in our retail area. They are flying off our shelves!

UNITE 7 Seconds Shampoo-This shampoo will provide you with a life changing experience of healthy, moisture enriched hair with beautiful bouncy shine. It protects the hair from UV rays, thermal damage and color fading. It’s sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free.

UNITE 7 Seconds Conditioner– This moisture enriched conditioner is the perfect compliment to the 7 seconds shampoo. It adds brilliant shine and also protects the hair from UV rays, thermal damage and color fading.

UNITE 7 Seconds Condition– This spray in conditioner will help make sure tangles are gone and your hair will start to feel alive again. This product will nourish and fortify hair with light protein and moisturizers. It seals the cuticle and protects your hair all day long. As must have for chemically treated hair as it is a UV and thermal protector.


UNITE Lazer Straight– Controls curls, tangles and frizz. Lazer straight will straighten even the most difficult hair and protect it from blow drying and flat ironing.  Feel confident to take on humidity with straight hair.

UNITE Argan Oil– This oil provides silky, smooth, healthy hair. It gives hair lasting moisture and instant shine that you thought wasn’t possible. It acts as a natural thermal protector and is amazing for flat ironing,curling and blow drying. This lightweight oil doesn’t leave behind any residue or build up and doesn’t weigh hair down. It also helps reduce drying time.

Would you like to try these products on your hair? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 for an appointment or schedule online at

Feel free to stop in and shop our retail area to take some of these great products home with you!


Welcome New Employees!!!

Welcome sign

The salon would like to welcome our 2 newest employees- Mindy Taylor and Andrea Hancock. Mindy is a veteran stylist who is new to our salon and Andrea is getting ready to graduate beauty school and is currently working as our receptionist until she can start on the floor this summer. We are excited to add these girls to our team and have some extra help during this very busy time of year! Keep an eye out for their Bio’s coming up soon on the blog!!