Summer Hair and Skin Care Products

With summer quickly approaching, and the warm sunny weather upon us ( We can be hopeful, right?), I thought it would be good to focus on some great products the salon carries that will be helpful for your hair and skin this summer.

Summer usually brings along humidity and humidity causes what?? FRIZZ!!! As soon as those 1st few hot days hit, clients are looking for something to tame down that crazy frizz, smooth and control their hair.

Moroccan Oil is a salon favorite.  It’s a ultra light argan oil that instantly absorbs into the hair and immediately enhances manageability,shine and delivers long term conditioning without leaving residue. It helps with frizz and fly aways, as well as adding shine and condition to the hair. The oil is definitely our biggest seller.  The shampoo and conditioner are really nice to help with smoothing away Frizz as well.  We also carry a B each Wave Mousse from Moroccan Oil that provides you with beachy waves, without the dehydrating effects of typical sea salt sprays. The Moroccan Oil hairspray is nice for a light hold that adds shine to any style and smells great.


Along with Frizz, Summer also takes a toll on our skin by drying it out and adding unwanted sun damage.Looking for some great skin care products with Spf for this summer?? Our Dermalogica line has Sheer Tint Moisture that has a Spf of 20. This particular moisturizer is nice because it has a slight tint to it, so it can be worn alone as a light weight tinted moisturizer or under your makeup to provide a great foundation. It comes in light, medium and dark. We use this as our base in all our makeup applications in the salon.Dynamic Skin Recovery is a lightweight moisturizer with a Spf 30. This is a great day time moisturizer to help protect your skin from the summer sun and heat. You can pair it with Total Eye Care, which has a Spf of 15, for complete protection of your face. This product has “optical light diffusers” in it which help to deflect the light to make dark circles under the eye look less visible. It also has a bit of a salmon color to it so it conceals dark circles as well.



Redken Frizz Dismiss– This product is one of our best selling lines for controlling Frizz and keeping the hair smooth.Each product is formulated with a Humidity-Resist Complex. My favorite product in the line is the Rebel Tame smoothing creme. It is a leave in smoothing control creme that works especially great for people with coarse hair. It’s not a heavy product that weighs the hair down, it just provides enough weight to keep the coarse hair laying smooth. If you are in need of a frizz fighting product but have finer hair, you could try the Smooth Force spray smoothing lotion. Our clients have had great success with this line seeing a noticeable difference with reduction in frizz and fly aways.20160519_120743

The Redken Beach Envy shampoo and conditioner are some of the newest additions to our salon. They have been very popular. They are great for providing the hair with volume and a texture, like you would have at the beach:) It helps create amplified loose waves or amazing body in the hair. Both our clients and stylists love the fullness and texture it leaves in the hair.20160519_120800

Are one of these YOUR favorite summer frizz fighting products?? Do you have a product not listed that you LOVE to use for summer? Feel free to share with us which ones you can’t live without this summer!!  We’d love to hear your input!

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35 Things you Didn’t Know About OPI

I saw this article in a magazine this past week, and thought it would be something our readers might find interesting. I Did!! I enjoyed learning these things about a company I admire! We have carried OPI polish in the salon for years and it is still a stylist and client favorite. We currently have the New Orleans collection as well as the mini polishes in the Soft Shades/Pastels and the Alice through the Looking Glass collections for sale. Stop in the salon to pick them up for yourself or schedule a manicure or pedicure to try out these new colors to show off this summer!!

  1. OPI hasn’t always made color!! The company launched in 1981 with a line of professional products mainly geared toward acrylic nails. It wasn’t until 1989 they took the industry by storm and launched a collection of 30 polishes.
  2.  The most popular color ever is I’m not really a Waitress Red which was part of the 1999 Fall/Winter Hollywood Collection.
  3.  Suzi actually works in the lab with the chemists to help create just the right tone for every collection.
  4.  Opi makes 55 million bottles of polish per year.
  5.  From their 1st dollar, they’ve always given back to their industry,  community and to the world at large. Opi has supported the Susan G Komen for the Cure organization  with exclusive shade series, Pink of Hearts.
  6. The owner-George Schaeffer was a cabbie.
  7.  The color naming meetings are top secret.
  8.  Not every OPI product developed was a hit. There are some that have been discontinued. At one point they had “Pawlish”, polish for dog nails!!!
  9. The company has several patents and in 2012 the iconic lacquer bottle was featured at the U.S. patent and trademark packaging alongside such distinctive packaging as the Hershey’s kiss and the Coca Cola Bottle.
  10.  OPI has won every single Readers Choice Awards for favorite nail color since the awards inception in 2004. No other company has even come close.
  11.  Nicole by OPI was named for George Schaffers daughter Nicole.
  12.  Once early in the company, Suzi was filling orders at OPI’s home office with George and accidentally hit the security system panic button. The house was surrounded by a SWAT team that thought Suzi was packaging up drugs!!
  13.  OPI was the 1st professional nail company to advertise directly to consumers in beauty magazines!
  14.  OPI was the 1st professional mail company to partner with a major Hollywood film. In 2003 it partnered with MGM and introduced the Legally Blonde 2 collection. Lacquers from the collection are featured through out the move in the nail salon and on Elle’s desk as she touches up her French Manicure.
  15.  OPI doesn’t stand for Opulent Polish Innovations,  but Odontorium Products Inc., which was the name of the dental supply company George had in the early 1980s.
  16.  One of OPI’S most popular shades of all time is the sparkly bronze color called Glitzerland.
  17. OPI fills an average of more than 150,000 bottle of nail lacquer every day.OPI-Nail-Polish-Names
  18.  Before OPI started its naming sensation, most nail colors simply used numbers like Pink #3.
  19. OPI is available in more then 75 countries around the world.
  20.  OPI has partnered with other great international brands including Ford Mustang in Mustang Red, Coca Cola in Cocoa Cola Red,Whirlpool’s I Dont do Dishes and Dell Computer’s  ( Custom Colored Laptops!)
  21. You can send colorful messages to your friends using the OPI ColorChat app. It debuted in 2015 and translates messages into blobs of color for a new take on secret code.
  22. If you want your home painted in the colors of OPI, you could by using the Clark and Kensington line of home paints available at Ace Hardware.
  23. OPI has the longest roster of celebrity endorsements of any professional beauty company, including Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Serena Williams and Kerry Washington.071211-kardashianopi-lead-340
  24. Art and OPI have always gone hand in hang. Many works of art created by Schaeffer’s mother and daughter hung in his office at OPI’s headquarters. OPI has also commissioned artwork made from its lacquers to use as awards for top distributors.
  25. George Schaeffer was featured in People Magazine in 1999 wearing nail lacquer.
  26. OPI has never been timid about trying new things with nail color. It launched Crackle polish in 2011 as part of the Katy Perry Shatter Collection- which shattered sales records for the company. (We couldn’t keep it in stock at our salon!!!)
  27. Rapid Dry, OPI’s answer to the quick drying top coat craze in the 1990’s is still one of OPI’s best selling products.
  28.  OPI introduced Bondex in 1988. The primer utilized a totally new technology to achieve strong adhesion of powder to and liquid acrylic nails products to natural nails and virtually no lifting.
  29. Back in 2011, OPI launches its groundbreaking Gelcolor with 28 classic shades, including Big Apple Red, I’m Not Really a Waitress, Bubble Bath and Kyoto Pearl.gelcolorwheel
  30.  The launch of Nicole by OPI raised money that benefited environmental causes including Heal The Bay.
  31. OPI was PR superstar Harris Sherpard’s most notable client. “When I met and started working with Suzi and George, I was amazed at their ability to immediately say yes or no”, says Shephard. “They never said maybe”. Through the 25 years of working with them, it was never “I will get back to you”. It was an answer then and there. There wern’t days spent with focus groups. If there was a mistake, we moved on”.
  32. Suzi never went out to lunch, she always stayed at her desk and ate be we began doing lunch with Beatuty editors and conducting interviews over a meal, recalls Shephard.
  33. OPI is synonymous with some of the world’s finest and most avant garde salon, including Laque’ in North Hollywoof. The salon raised nail services to an incredibly high level using only OPI lacquers and products.
  34. The OPI team comes up with polish names by starting with a geographic location, then brainstorming on that region by sitting in a room for 6 to 8 hours and looking at maps and picture and eating authentic food from the area.
  35. At any given time there are 160 active OPI shades on the market; colors are retired every year to make way for new shades.


Gray-You Dont Know Jacque

Mint-Mermaid Tears

Lavender-Show us your Tips


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