Upcoming Nail Events



The salon is having 2 different nail events on Oct 30th to Nov 1st and Nov 27th to Nov 29th.

These events will be showcasing our new-

* OPI Nutcracker Collection

*New Gelish Colors

*New Gelish Dip System

*Holiday Scents for Pedicures (Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint and Chocolate)

During this event, we will be giving out –

COUPONS for future services, running a GIFT CERTIFICATE SALE, and also doing a DRAWING/GIVEAWAY!!!

If this is something you would be interested in being a part of, call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at www.cameronsalon.com


New OPI Nutcracker Collection


The salon has just got the new OPI Nutcracker Collection in and the colors are beautiful!!

There is a perfect mix of brights, darks, neutrals and shiney colors. We currently have the whole collection available for use in our manicure/ pedicure rooms and to purchase in our retail area.

Want to try these colors out on your nails? Call the salon for an appointment at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at www.cameronsalon.com