How to get the best experience from your hair color appointment

You’ve been searching far and wide all over Pinterest, looking for the perfect picture of the color you’d like for your stylist to make your hair. You have decided you want a change, something drastic this time, something fun. You save a handful of pictures to your “hair” board on Pinterest, and then pick up the phone to call the salon to make an appointment. What you do next is one of the most important steps in determining the success of your color appointment. What do you say when the receptionist picks up the phone and says “Hello, Cameron Salon, this is Abra, how can I help you?”.  If you tell her your name and that you would like to schedule with so and so for a color on such and such a date, and that’s the only thing you tell her, and you wanted something totally new- that’s your 1st mistake. Some of this falls on the receptionists- they should be trained to ask you the questions necessary to make your appointment exactly what you and your stylist need it to be, but sometimes they get super busy answering phones, putting people on hold, greeting clients walking in the door, ringing out clients who have received their services and sometimes they just plain forget. So, take the initiative and make sure to always provide the receptionist with the following information. ( Some of these tips are also VERY helpful even if you are just scheduling for a cut or specialty style, so take note!)

  1. Tell her if you have hair that is super thick, or long (past your shoulders) .
  2. Tell her if you are planning on doing a drastic color change and what your hair color currently is.
  3. Tell her when you last had your hair colored (or cut).

You may wonder why these few questions will make such a big difference in your appointment when you schedule.

When you say ” I need a appointment for hair color” and that’s all the information you provide, you get scheduled into a 1 hour and 30 min appointment spot, that has a 30 min processing space in between that we usually schedule another color or cut in to make best use of our time.  If you’re hair is exceptionally long, thick or has not been colored in 6 months or more and has tons of regrowth, you require some extra time for application. If its super long and thick, you require extra time for both application and drying and styling after. If you are scheduled in that normal ” hair color” time frame, we then are running late into the next clients appointment trying to finish up your application or style. Extra application and finishing time can be scheduled if you just let the receptionist know the current state of your hair. If this happened with the client before you, we would be running late for your appointment. This can start a chain of “running late” for appointments for the entire day, and a lot of times we can’t catch back up.

If your hair has had a bad color experience, and you are wanting to fix it or totally change it, that is called a CORRECTIVE COLOR. This service can take quite a while as it has many deciding factors on what your stylist may need to do to get your color where you want it. Sometimes these appointments go way past the time frame we even schedule just cause there are so many unknowns.

If you are trying to achieve a “fashion color” such as Blues, Purples, Pinks etc- Most of the time, unless your hair is already a very light shade of blonde, your hair has to receive a “double process” to achieve this look. We must 1st lighten the hair to a lighter level to allow the fashion color to show up better, and be bright and vibrant. Then that has to be shampooed and dried. Then we are able to apply the fashion color. It has to then process, be shampooed again, and then can be dried and cut. We refer to these services as TECHNIQUE COLOR in the salon. This allows us to schedule out a full 1.5 to 2 hours without having another client in between so we can focus on just you and what we need to accomplish to get your hair where it needs to be to accept the fashion color.  Even if you are just getting a small chunk or face framing area of fashion color, unless you are bright blonde to start you will need this same process.

Another example of TECHNIQUE COLOR is a Full head Ombre or Balyage highlight. These techniques take some stylists longer to apply then regular foils highlights if you have long or thick hair.

If you truly are just wanting an all over color, or just wanting a normal highlight service(you are a client who regularly maintains your color every 4 to 8 weeks) , then THIS is when scheduling for just Color or just a Highlight would be correct.

Many things come in to play when scheduling and performing a color service. Make sure to have a in depth conversation with your stylist if you are scheduling with her at the end of your appointment for your next one, or on the phone with the receptionist. If you are scheduling online, and not sure how to schedule yourself- it’s best to call. Between having enough time to do your color service and the stylist knowing ahead of time what she has to work with and what you desire, we can make your color appointment exactly what you dreamed and hoped for when this all started and you were sitting on Pinterest;)

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Box Dye VS. Salon Color

I know the temptation.  Your hair needs colored…BAD. You have some crazy roots going on, possibly even some gray too. Your once pretty, bright vibrant red is now faded and sad. You have a special event coming up and your hair dresser is either booked solid or off on vacation. You walk into the store, and there you see shelf upon shelf of boxed hair color. The women on the boxes look so pretty, and happy. Ready to conquer the world with their beautiful, perfectly colored hair. You think to yourself “It’s only $12.99, and Im already so busy, it would save me a trip to the hair dresser, why not!?” Sounds so great, cheap and convienient right??

Long answer made short- NO!!! Here are just some of the reason’s we as stylists/ professionals ask you to stay away from this nasty stuff.

Box dye is destroying your hair- no sugar coating it, it is. It is slowly but surely KILLING your hair, one application at a time. Box dye is not like professional hair dye, its formulated totally different. What exactly are the differences??

Professional Color deposits color inside the hair cuticle where the natural pigment exists. It takes over your natural pigments and becomes the dominant color.  Box Color simply just stains the proteins in the cortex and changes the chemical makeup of the hair.  Hair is made up of 90%  proteins, so when it stains those proteins, your hair is basically no longer your hair.

Professional Color is custom mixed according to your needs and wants, and the color is Just. For. You.   This also means the developer is only as strong as it needs to be. Box Dye is a “one size fits all”. They use the highest developer with the strongest chemicals. If you are a client who doesnt have gray and are just depositing a color, you have no need for the highest developer. By using it in a box, the peroxide in the developer is HIGH and may cause anything from “Hot Roots” (where your root area appears to glow, or is lighter then the ends) , to extreme dryness in the hair.

Professional Color stops working after a set time period and usually stops working all together after a hour. Our particular color line turns into a conditioner the last 10min its on.When its done processing, you shampoo it off and your ready to show off your newly colored gorgeous hair.   Box Color continues to work over time. It is a “progressive” dye cause it keeps processing over time. This means every time you color, you are going to get darker and more damaged, especially with the darker colors. Box color changed the physical makeup of your hair, making the strands actually weaker and the color much harder to change once you get tired of your current color.

Hair color is great- I love to color both my clients hair and have my own done. I haven’t seen my natural hair color since I was 14 years old, nor do I intend to anytime in the future:)  I also know that hair color is a big investment in both time and money. Make sure you recognize and are ready for this kind of a commitment before diving into the world of hair color. Talk with your stylist and discuss your different options. She can make sure you get the right type of color and technique to meet your budget and schedule of your life. Just whatever you do….don’t be tempted to take a stroll down that hair color aisle in the grocery store. Just don’t do it! Trust me, in the long run, you’ll still end up sitting in a stylist’s chair, just with tears in your eyes asking her to fix your hair, and the money you had “saved” by purchasing and using a box will be spent and then some while trying to correct your current color situation.

A suggestion if you are a consistent color client that is tempted to color your own hair cause you have a special event and can’t get in to your stylist- ALWAYS preschedule your next appointment before leaving the salon. That way you never run into this situation:)

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Braid Bash

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We do have a few maniquin heads on hand if you would like to attend but do not have a model or little one to bring with you. Please let our receptionist know if you would like to use a maniquin when you call.

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