2018 Gift Ideas

With Thanksgiving now over, the 2018 Christmas shopping season has commenced and is now in full swing. Where do you fall on the shopping spectrum this holiday season?? Are you already done shopping ( me!!), just getting started, or don’t even have any ideas yet, let alone any gifts bought. If you fall into the last 2 categories, Here are a few great gift ideas both in and out of the salon that you can either stop in and shop for or add to your list!! Happy Shopping!!

In Salon Ideas-

Our salon is full of great gift ideas for the many special people in your life! Whether it be your kids teacher at school, a mom that is hard to buy for, or a wife who loves to get her hair and nails done monthly, we have you covered!

1)Wet Brushes

The salon has 3 new kinds of our popular Wet Brushes in stock. We have the Epic professional Deluxe Detangler brush- it is a heavier version of the regular wet brush and great for pulling through some really long, thick hair. We also have the Epic Professional Quick Dry wet brush that is great to use while drying your hair as it is heat resistant. We also have a bunch of Mini Regular Wet Brushes on keychains that make perfect stocking stuffers.



Who doesn’t love nail polish in their stocking?? Even those of us who have an entire container of polish in every color imaginable at home cant resist a new bottle of fresh OPI polish!! The salon is fully stocked and has a great selection available for purchasing in our retail area.



This has been one of our best selling products for the past year. Dream Coat is an amazing, heat activated spray in product that helps smooth and shine the hair, helps with humidity and static control, adds softness and lasts in the hair up to 3 shampoos. We have sold out of this product more times than I can count. We have it available in multiple sizes right now to best serve every client. This product also now comes in a curly formula that does not have to be heat activated.



Looking for a stocking stuffer for that hard to buy for male in your life?? How about some of our very popular Johnny B products. The All Over shampoo and body wash is a big seller amoung our male clients and it smells great!! The Dope and Mode Gels are also big sellers. I personally use the Dope gel pomade on my little boys hair and not only does it have a great hold for keeping in the style, it smells really nice and everyone always asks if he’s wearing cologne cause he smells so good.

5) Cameron Salon Gift Cards


When in doubt- Gift Cards!!! Our gift cards can be purchased in any dollar amount or for any service. They do not expire. Have a family member in your life that loves to get her hair colored or nails done but hates to spend the extra money on themselves?? GIFT CARD!!! Have a mom or grandma in your life that you have no idea what to get for them?? GIFT CARD!! Did you wait til the last min and need a gift for that special someone?? GIFT CARD!!!! Stop in and pick up yours or call the salon and have one put on hold for you and pay for it over the phone with your credit card.


What are my top OUT OF SALON gift ideas??

1) Gifts of Experiences!! Think family fun days like amusement park tickets, movie theater date nights, bowling nights, ice skating, zoo passes. Anything fun that people may not want to spend the money on themselves. My kids love experience gifts. Last year they got zoo tickets and tickets to the science museum and we had 2 really fun days together as a family with those gifts!

2) Subscription Boxes– Ask almost any of our stylists in the salon and they will talk your ear off about one of our favorite subscription boxes- Stitch Fix!!! Who doesn’t love a box of clothes hand picked for you by a stylist who is your personal shopper delivered right to your door!?? How does it work?? Just get online at http://www.stitchfix.com and fill out a profile all about yourself and your clothing preferences,etc. Schedule a time to receive your box in the mail and then your personal stylist will chose 5 items for you and send them in your box. Once you receive your box, you can try on all your items, read a personalized note from your stylist and get outfit ideas from the style card that comes with your items. You only pay for the items you keep. There is a shipping enveloped included in your box that you can return any unwanted items in with free shipping back to the company. If you keep your entire box, you get a 25% discount off your total. Take my word for it, you will LOVE this service and so will anyone you get this for as a gift.

3) Gift Cards– I know store gift cards are an easy gift and one everyone likes to get. Have you ever considered purchasing gift cards from somewhere that benefits either you (think Giant Eagle fuel points) or benefits someone else. Have you ever heard of a SCRIP program?? A lot of private schools are enrolled in this program and if you purchase gift cards off their students, they receive a percentage back from that purchase onto their tuition. If you are purchasing large quantities of gift cards, this is a great way to help out a family currently paying tuition, especially with multiple children enrolled. If you were planning to buy gift cards as gifts already, why not help someone out in the process!?:)

4) Meal Prep Boxes– Much like the other subscription boxes I talked about above, there are so many different food/meal prep boxes out there. A gift card for Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Green Chef, Plated- all of these are things that would be fun to receive as a gift!! If you’re like me, cooking is at the bottom of your “things you enjoy” list followed closely by grocery shopping and meal planning. These boxes make that all super easy and deliver everything right to your door step, ready to be made. I have a client who LOVES these meal prep boxes and said it has even helped her husband be able to help with dinner prep and cooking cause of the easy to follow instructions and recipe cards that are included. I hope this has been a helpful post to give some ideas for gifts during this holiday season. Any questions about anything I suggested, feel free to comment or message me(Abra). Call or stop in the salon to pick up any of the products mentioned above! Happy shopping!

Holiday Nail Products and Events Under Way!!

The salon is gearing up for our 2nd nail event of the season and for our holiday rush of nail appointments for special occasions, parties and family get togethers.

We are stocked up on new Holiday nail polishes from our new OPI Nutcracker Collection. We have 15 new Gelish colors. We have the new OPI and Gelish dip systems with a handful of colors available in those as well. We also have our new Holiday Pedicure scents ready to use in our Pedicure room. So many great new things to try at your next nail appointment!!

Want to shop our new OPI colors?? Stop in the salon and pick up a bottle for yourself or as a gift while they are still in stock- hurry they sell out fast!!!

Want to try some of our new nail colors or products??Want in for our Nail Event coming up on Nov 27th- 29th?? Call the salon to schedule an appointment for a manicure, gelish, dip or pedicure or schedule online at www.cameronsalon.com

Next Nail Event


Yesterday was the last day of our 1st nail event. We’ve had many clients get to take advantage of our new Gelish Dip system, New Gelish colors and New OPI polish colors from the Nutcracker Collection. These clients have also got try out our new holiday scents for pedicures as well as put their name in for a special drawing we are doing. They also got to take home some great coupons for future services!

Did you miss the 1st nail event?? No worries, We are hosting another on Nov 27th- 29th!!!

If you would like to be part of the next event, call the salon at 724–349-5444 or schedule online at www.cameronsalon.com to schedule your manicure/pedicure/gel polish or gelish dip appointment!! Want to shop the new OPI color collections we have in stock?? Stop in anytime to check them out and get some to take home to add to your polish collection or to get as gifts while supplies last!!