Getting ready for the holidays

We’re getting festive and ready for the quickly approaching holiday season at the salon. Our Anniversary stock up sale is currently going on and will continue until the 25th. Stop in to take advantage of the sale and to see all the products, stocking stuffers and gift sets we have available.  1 product gets 10%off, 2 take 20% off and 3 or more products get 25%off. All tools are 15%off.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to stock up on your favorite products or to grab some gifts for Christmas! Also, we still have the $40 mani/pedi special going on and you can add Gelish polish for half price!!  Book your spot today! Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule on our website at Hope to see you soon!

Meet our Newest Stylists

Cameron Salon would like to introduce their 2 newest talented stylists, Winona Aikens and Alysa Lichenfels. We are thrilled to have them join our team. Get to know them a little better below!!

20151112_140130  Winona Aikens- ” Hi everyone, My Name is Winona. I am so happy and excited to be a part of the team at Cameron Salon. I received my education at the Indiana County Technology Center. I have over 2 years of experience working in a salon. I love doing specialty styles for dances and weddings. I also love doing technique color and nails.I am continually building on my knowledge by attending classes making sure I keep up with the latest trends so I can make you look your best! I look forward to seeing you soon! ”                  IMG_9901

Alysa Lichenfels- “Hello! My name is Alysa. I am proud to say that I am one of the newest members of the team at Cameron salon. I’ve been in the industry for 5 years and have loved every bit of information cosmetology and salon life has to offer. I am excited to be educated about anything just hitting the scene and am constantly learning new techniques to keep up on the most current trends. Don’t worry! I dont keep it to myself. When you walk out looking fabulous I let you know every step of the way what I’ve done to get you the look you have. My goal here is to empower my clients to be confident not only in the way that they look, but how they feel. No one is unattractive in my chair. I wont let you say bad things about the person in the mirror either. You are beautiful when you walk in, but we just tweak and perfect you for the moment you walk out. God bless and I hope to see you soon!”

We are thrilled to have both of these girls as part of our team. They are currently accepting clients and excited to show you what they can do for you to give you a new look!

Make an appointment today with one our talented new stylists! Call 724-349-5444 or schedule an appointment online at

16th Anniversary Stock up Sale

The salon is celebrating their 16th Anniversary this week!! To celebrate we are having our annual product stock up sale. There are many deals and specials available during this sale. Holiday nail colors, box sets, tools, lotion sets, travel sizes great for stocking stuffers, makeup, dermalogica, PM pet gift sets and special ordering available.

The Sale goes from November 10- 25. You can either stop in and shop or call the salon and tell us what products you would like and pay for them over the phone. Here’s how the sale works-

  • 10% off 1 Product
  • 20% off 2 Products
  • 25% off 3 or more Products
  • All tools 15% off


Here are the salon holidays hours for 2015

  • Open Monday, November 23  9-8
  • Closed Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday
  • Open Monday December 21 9-8
  • Closed December 24,25 and 26
  • Closed New Years Eve and New Years Day

Any questions about our sale- Call the salon at 724-349-5444

Product diversion-what is it?

If you don’t know the answer to this question – you’re not alone. Nine out of ten consumers do not know what diversion is. But you probably have witnessed it.
Diversion is when products are sold in “unauthorized” places. For example, you might come across a few bottles of salon products in your local supermarket, drugstore, online or at a discounter. Salon professional products you find outside of a salon are considered to be “diverted.” Genuine salon quality products are sold ONLY AT PROFESSIONAL SALONS.

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired product that may not be safe to use. They may not even be the same product you are looking for at all, just simply the packaging with a totally different product put inside.
If you turn over a bottle of professional salon products they say on the back towards the bottom somewhere “Sold and Guaranteed Only by Professional Salons.” This means if you buy salon products in a supermarket, drugstore or any other outlet other than a salon, we cannot guarantee that it is an authentic product that will perform as tested.


You could be. Contaminated or counterfeit products could cause irritation or even infection.


Products are diverted by unauthorized distributors and salons or their employees, plus other dishonest individuals who see profit in piracy

Unauthorized Sales Outlets:
Any Mass Retailer
Any Mass Discount Store
Grocery Store
Online Purchases from non Professional Salon Products Websites


 Something that you can easily spot is that the bottles of salon products that are sold at chains stores pretty often have weird stickers all over them, and ALWAYS a sticker with a different barcode slapped over the original barcode printed on the bottle.

So brazen!

 I’ve also noticed that the prices are usually slightly more expensive- not a huge amount, but more.  I took these 2 photos and info from another stylists blog who was doing some Diversion Investigating herself. She says- “I smuggled a bottle of conditioner from my salon into the drugstore to do a little compare/contrast recon work, and the drugstore conditioner cost two dollars more. Iffy-at-best product at a higher price?  No thank you.  There’s just no reason to do it aside from purely not being aware of diversion as an issue.”What they charge vs. what we charge

Don’t buy it! And tell your friends about the potential danger of diverted products! Redken amoung many other companies, has put alot of time and money into the fight against diversion and they even have a number you can call!! If you see a Redken product for sale outside a salon please send them an e-mail to with the city, state and name of the location where you saw the products. You can also call 800-503-3997 to report diverters. They will conduct a full investigation. You can call any professional product company at any time and report diverted products.

Stop Diversion
Please purchase your products from salons that can offer you the best service and product recommendations for your hair.  Only products purchased in a salon are guaranteed to perform to our standards.  Thank you for supporting your salon and spa community.    ~Cameron Salon

***Was this post helpful?? Have questions about diversion?? Leave a comment in the box below to let us know you were here, We’d love to hear from you!****    Disclaimer:Parts of this were found on Redken/L’Oréal Professionals websites