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Cameron Salon is now on Instagram! Feel free to share pictures of yourself, your family,a wedding party you were in or a special event we helped you look and feel great for!! Love your new haircut or color?? Share pictures!! Share photos of your hair, nails, makeup, even products we recommended you get that you love- anything you choose that came from our salon. Tag Cameron Salon in your photos and #Cameron Salon!! Feel free to hashtag your stylist too so other people know who did your amazing color,style or nails!! Just ask them what hashtag they’d like you to use while at your appointment. If you are one of my clients- use #HairbyAbraChanelle or #NailsbyAbraChanelle

We’d love to see your photos!!! Hope you all have a Happy New Year! Thank you for such a great year of patronage in our salon- we have the best clients!

***Keep an eye out for our upcoming “Selfie Station” in 2016!! Exciting things are ahead in the new year!!***


New EIMI Product Line

This just in at Cameron Salon: The New EIMI product line from Wella.

First off, how many of you are just like me and you want to smell a product 1st to determine if you’ll like it or not….before you even know what it does??  Well, let me just say this line smells GREAT and passed my “1st test” with flying colors. I’ve been using the whole line this week at work and so far I am loving everything I’ve tried and so are my clients. Want to learn more about EIMI?? Read below20151216_11392920151216_113940

  • Dry Me– Dry Shampoo that creates volume and a manageable texture. Refreshes hair and absorbs oil. This is a MUST HAVE product in anyone’s styling arsenal.
  • Body Crafter– Flexible volumizing Spray. Builds volume with a workable texture to the hair. Smooth, flexible and natural feeling movement to the hair.  It has a hold level of 2 out of 4. I found it to give great control to you style, without being hard or crunchy feeling.
  • Root Shoot– Root Spray Mousse- Root lifting volumizer that is a mousse designed for precision application. I like this product alot too for people who like a extra amount of volume in their hair- especially at the crown area. You feel it in the hair more than the Body Crafter, but it’s still not crunchy.
  • Sugar Lift– Sugar Spray for Voluminous Texture- Spray infused with sugar provides lift and grippy texture to the hair.  Think beachy, texture when you imagine this product. That’t what it produces. Nice for people who have really fine hair and need texture and volume,but don’t like a heavy product in their hair. Nice for clients who like to spray and scrunch their hair as well.
  • Extra Volume– Strong hold Mousse. This is you typical mousse as far as texture and application. It has a nice hold to it and gives great volume.  Formulated to help protect your hair from dehydration while you blow dry!!!



  • Thermal Image– Heat protection spray. This can be put on wet or dry hair. Spray on before using any of your heated styling tools. I have been using this as a static helper this week as well and spraying it on to guard against static and fly aways and its been great for that too. Doesn’t get stiff or crunchy( can you tell I HATE crunchy hair?!?:) ) in the hair. 2 parts to this spray- Part 1 nourishes the hair and protects up to 220C. Part 2 conditions hair for a shiny end result. I am really liking this product so far.
  • Perfect Me– Lightweight Beauty Balm. Creates natural smooth style and adds shine. Tames frizz and fly aways. Great lightweight smoother is you are looking for a new one! Can be used on Damp or Dry hair.
  • Ocean Spritz– A true “Beach hair” spray. Gives you a beachy texture and helps protect the hair against dehydration and UV damage.
  • Grip Cream– Flexible Molding Cream. Creates definition and separation in short or long styles with soft texture, but a medium hold. I am LOVING this product on both men and women. It has enough hold to keep a guys hair styled up and spiked or piecey on top, but light enough that you can put it in a woman’s bob cut with some longer layers and bring out some great texture. One of my favorites so far.
  • Glam Mist– Shine spray that is great for finishing your style by adding shine. Helps protect hair from the effects of humidity and UV rays.
  • Stay Firm– Workable Finishing Hairspray- Medium, touchable hold. Protects against humidity, UV and heat.

Drop by the salon to try these products out or to ask your stylist which one would be best for you!! Pick one up as a gift for yourself or a friend for the holidays! We can’t wait to see you and show you this great new line!

2016 Pre-Book Special

The salon is running a promotion between now and January 9th. If you pre-book your next 3 appointments, 4-6 weeks apart, you will receive a special thank you from us.

Available to you on your prebooked appointments will be:

  1. 6 FREE FOILS ( Jan 2- Feb 20)- This can be highlights, lowlights or a fun, funky color!
  2. FREE POWERDOSE (Feb 23- April 2)
  3. FREE MINI PRODUCT ( April 5- May 14)

**Promotion Ends May 14th****

Minimum appointment amount to be eligible is $26.99

Call the salon at 724-349-5444. Online scheduling is possible, but to ensure you get the promotion written on as part of your appointment, calling or talking to a receptionist in person is the best.

Holiday nails

Looking to add a little fun to your holiday festivities this year?  Why not try some holiday nail art?? Our salon offers hand painted nail art that can be added on to any manicure or gellish nail service. You can do anything from just adding a little sparkle to your ring fingers for a little “bling” or adding a design or embellishment onto every nail for a full set of festive nails. Nail art ranges from $5 to $15 depending on the detail and amount of work involved.We currently have 2 stylists who offer nail art- Abra and Winona. Call today to schedule your nail appointment to be ready for the holiday season!! Manicures take 30min and Gellish with nail art takes 45.Call us at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at

Need some ideas?? Here are some nails we’ve done in the past and some ideas we love. Need more ideas?? Check out “holiday nail art” on Pinterest.  Just bring the photo you like in on your phone or mobile device to show us and we’ll do our best to recreate the look for you!

New Mom Hair

Let me preface this post by saying I feel like I have become an expert on this topic over the years…and not only cause I’ve been a hairstylist for the last 14 years. Having had 2 babies, I have lived through everything I am about to post about,So any questions, feel free to ask!! This post doesn’t just have to be for new moms either. If you are a Grandma, Aunt,Sister or just have a friend of someone with a new baby- feel free to share this post!! I am writing this cause It’s amazing to me how many of my clients through the years had no idea just how bad your hair can be AFTER you have a baby. This post is intended to share some info on what can be expected, as well as some great quick but cute styles you can do in the mornings to keep away from the dreaded “mom hair”. (I am by no means being hateful or judging by saying that- it’s all in a fun and joking manor:) )

Remember during the 9 months you were pregnant how full, thick, shiny and pretty your hair was?? I LOVED my hair while I was pregnant. It got so long, it was so full. It cooperated. Even when I went longer between getting it colored it was still shiny and pretty. During pregnancy your hair doesn’t shed or fall out as much as it does on a normal basis (which is 80-100 hairs a day on average). On top of that you are taking prenatal vitamins and probably eating a little healthier then usual. Top that all off with all the added hormones and you have a recipe for some great looking, beautiful, model worthy hair. I know, it doesn’t happen in every case, but in most people I know and have talked to it does. Fast forward to a few months after you bring your precious little bundle of joy into the world. Somewhere around the 4 to 6 month postpartum period (different for every women, but that seems to be the normal time frame and if you are nursing, some people don’t notice this full effect til they quit), you will start to notice some interesting and very frustrating developments with your hair.

  1. You will start losing hair by the hand fulls. No joke. You will unplug the drains in your house weekly. You will sweep up enough hair off your floor with your vacuum to be able to make a wig. You will find your hairs on every surface of your house, car, bed, children……:)You will begin to wonder how it’s even possible to still have hair left on your head. Trust me- I’ve seen it happen twice. Worse part….it goes on for a LONG time. In these pictures below (time of the original blog post), I was 9 months and 2 weeks postpartum. So prepare yourself. It will most likely happen to you too. If not, count yourself in the very lucky minority!! 20151130_223714

2. You will begin to get a very interesting hairline. This photo below is what I was sporting at 9 month postpartum. Gotta love it. I have seen girls who loose it all straight down the middle and end up with a short little mohawk up the center of their head. I’ve seen side burn looking pieces appear (I also am sporting those, just hiding them well). I’ve seen people who never have bangs suddenly start wearing them, whether it be on purpose to cover up the crazy hairline pieces or the hairline growing back in or what has broken off is just THAT bad that it looks like bangs. I’ve seen many different variations of it. None of them are fun. At some point it WILL start to look better, promise. For me it took about 2 years after I had my oldest….and then I got pregnant again. Currently at 3 years postpartum from my youngest, my spots that fell out are about 8 inches long and blend decently in with the rest of my hair. Remember, hair on average grows about a half in a month, so it takes a while to grow back in!


3. What can you do to fix it?? Other then take vitamins like Biotin to encourage your hair to keep growing, Nothing really. You just have to wait it out and try your best to style your hair around it to hide the crazy pieces and bald spots. I suggest getting a good deep conditioner (Loreal PROFESSIONAL Intense Repair Masque is my absolute favorite!! Notice I did not say Loreal from the grocery store…..huge difference. Trust me your hair will thank you:))to keep your drier then normal hair moisturized and conditioned. In salon deep conditioning treatments are another great option. Other then that finding some new,easy ways to wear your hair helps.

What did I do??? I’m lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, so alot of times I just scrunched my hair and wore it natural. I threw in hair accessories so it looked like I at least tried.


….Or I just throw on a hat:) If you ever see me out and about on my day off, this is most likely how you will find me.


I also mentioned sharing some easy, quick hairstyles that any new mom can add to her daily routine. I know it’s hard to get up in the morning and have any desire (or time) to do your own hair. You’re running on ZERO sleep, you have small humans pulling you in every direction asking for a snack, or a toy they can’t find, or their shoes tied,they want nursed for the 50th time that morning or they’re screaming at the top of their lungs cause they can’t talk and they need a diaper change. Here are a few quick styles I enjoy and thought you might too.

1)Low, wavy pony tail. A great variation of the typical pony tail. This one just takes a few seconds and looks like you put some effort into your style. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, and you have a few extra min, just wrap a few sections of your hair around a curling iron to get this same effect.


2) The Side Braid. This one became a favorite of mine. I get alot of compliments on it too which always makes me laugh. Add in a flower or a cute headband and voila- it looks dressy! 🙂


3) The low twisted Chignon- I like this one alot in the summer to get hair up off my neck when its really hot. I also like to add a stretchy headband and then wrap the hair around the band to give the front of this style some interest and bling.


4) Twisted half up half down- This one is cute with straight or wavy hair, and super quick and easy in the mornings. If you like a little height, tease the crown section of your hair before twisting back your sides back.


**Was this post helpful to you?? Id love to hear your input. Feel free to leave me a comment:)***