Stylist Spotlight- Kennedy

Todays Stylist Spotlight is on our newest stylist to the salon- Kennedy Cameron.


Kennedy is a recent 2 time graduate of Indiana County Technology Center. She got her cosmetology license last year and She just finished her schooling to get her teachers license in hopes to teach cosmetology classes part time in the future. She says she enjoys every aspect of salon life and specializes in updos and formal styles. She also does great nail art. She does excellent work and we are excited to have her as a part of our team! We look forward to seeing what Kennedy brings to the salon in the 2020 year ahead.

Check out some of her work below- Doesn’t she do a great job??

You can follow her on Instagram at _kennedy_creates

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Stylist Spotlight- Hannah


Today’s stylist spotlight is- Hannah Weiland

Hannah has been with our salon for 4 years and in the industry for 6.


Hannah received her education at the Indiana Cosmetology Academy. She attends a hair show every year and attends classes in and out of the salon to further her education in the salon industry.



Hannah specializes in updo styles for special occasions and blondes. Hannah says her favorite thing about the salon industry is how it is always changing. She loves doing new things and making her clients look trendy.

On top of working full time at the salon, Hannah is busy planning a wedding for next May.

Hannah does great work- take a look at some of it below!


Follow her on Instagram @hair_thingsbyhan

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Stylist Spotlight- Desirae

Next up for our Stylist Spotlight series is Desirae Henry-


Desirae has been with our salon since Fall of 2018. She graduated from Indiana County Technology Center, getting her Cosmetology License.

She is always eager to learn and does excellent work. Desirae does amazing nail art and specializes in balayage and working with curly hair.


Check out some of her work below! Doesn’t she do a great job?

Want to keep up with her currrent work in the salon? Follow her in instagram at beauty_bydes.

We look forward to what she will bring to the salon in 2020. Need to make an appointment? Call the salon at 724 349 5444 or schedule online at






Happy 2020- Stylist Spotlight- Andrea

Happy New Year!! As we celebrate the new year, we look forward to what exciting opportunities and adventures 2020 holds for us and for the salon. I thought I would start out the new year by doing a few posts spotlighting our talented stylists and their work, as well as giving you ways to follow and connect with them through social media so you can continue to see what they are up to through out the year.

1st up is Andrea Hancock-

Andrea has been with the salon since May of 2018. She started as our receptionist while finishing beauty school and has been part of our team since. She attended Indiana Cosmetology Academy. During her time with us she has furthered her education by attending the Fashion Focus Hair Show in Washington D.C, Premier Beauty show in Phili as well as a salon business class with the entire salon in Pittsburgh, and multiple in salon classes with various companies.


On top of working in the salon full time, Andrea is busy planning a wedding for this upcoming June.

Andrea loves a challenge. She does awesome nail art and loves to do highlights, updos and braiding as well. Check out some of the amazing work she’s done below!!

We are excited to have Andrea as a part of our team and look forward to what she’ll bring to the salon in 2020! Need an appointment ? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at



downloadDo you currently follow the salon on Instagram?? If not, look up cameronsalon and Follow us on Instagram! We’d love to have you follow us and see what we are up to at the salon!

Want to follow the talented stylists who make Cameron Salon run!? Here are a few of our stylists who have a professional Instagram page. We love what we do and we would love to share that with you!

Andrea Hancock-

Desirae Henry- beauty_bydes

Abra Gardner- hairbyabrachanelle

Alysa Lichtenfels- alysa.lichtenfels



Welcome Chelsea!!

The salon would like to welcome our newest team member,Chelsea Schaeffer.

Chelsea is a 2015 graduate of Indiana County Technology Center. She has been in the industry for 3.5 years and has experience that she gained while at 2 other salons. On top of being newly married and a mom to a new baby and a toddler, she is an excellent stylist. She says she doesn’t have a favorite salon service, she loves to do it all! From Pedicures and Gel Polish manicures to Balayage and color, she loves the variety! Chelsea is a great addition to our team and we are so excited to have her!

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Stylist Spotlight-Andrea Hancock

Andrea is one of our newest stylists and is fresh out of beauty school, just this week! She has been one of our receptionists since the Spring while finishing school and will now be working on the floor as a stylist/nail tech. She attended Indiana Cosmetology Academy. During her time there she furthered her education by attending the Fashion Focus Hair Show in Washington D.C, as well as a salon business class with the entire salon in Pittsburgh.

Andrea loves a challenge. She does awesome nail art and loves to do updos and braiding as well. Check out some of the amazing work she’s done below!!

We are excited to have Andrea as a part of our team and look forward to what she’ll bring to the salon! Need an appointment ? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at

You Get What You Pay For


I know you have all heard the statement before, that you “get what you pay for”. Well, in the “salon world”, I feel like this is especially true. Here are a few reasons why and some facts you may not have known.

Did you know that in the state of Pennsylvania, stylists are not required to take continuing education after they have received their license? So you could have a 40 year old stylist who got her cosmetology license from the vo-tech right out of high school, and never once attended another class to keep up with current trends and techniques that are constantly changing in the industry. It happens all the time. Even in this day and age where you can look up and watch pretty much anything on YouTube, it still isn’t a replacement for what can be learned by trained, professional educators, some of which are on the the forefront of the development of these trends when they are launched.

At our salon, continuing education is very important to us. We attend classes both in and out of work, we travel to at least 1 weekend out of state hairshow a year, and we constantly try new things we see on social media and in magazines as they come out. This is where you will find the added value in our salon- the education that then translates into you getting the cut or color you wanted (you know- the one you showed us from Pinterest;)).  Without recent education on current trends, we wouldn’t be able to recreate that beautiful balayage highlight you showed us a photo of. This trend isn’t something most of us, especially more veteran stylists, learned in school. So education is key in being able to offer you these current trends and to execute them correctly and professionally.  Again, anyone can watch a “how to balayage your hair ” tutorial on  YouTube, but I promise you, the results will not be the same as getting it done by a professionally trained stylist.

We charge accordingly in our salon. Our girls are educated, you’re paying for that expertise.We also have a Tier system in our salon. This means the stylists charge based on a 4 Tier system, 4 different price brackets depending what Tier they are. For example, If you come into the salon with me as your stylist (remember me, Abra, your salon blogger!?:)),  I am a Tier 4 stylist so you will be paying top Tier price. What does this mean? I am a veteran stylist at our salon,  I’ve been there over 13 years now. I have taken more classes then I can count through the years, received numerous certifications, and have attended 10 or more out of state hairshows. When you sit in my chair, you are paying to receive my knowledge,  education and expertise. Make sense??  Now this doesn’t discredit our Tier 1 girls at all though. Even though they may be newer stylists,  take comfort knowing all of our girls are extremely educated and constantly learning more daily.  We only hire the best. They also are mentored by our veteran stylists and never afraid to ask for help or a 2nd opinion.  We reach these different tiers by putting in time at the salon, as well as how many clients we service and by meeting a certain goal amount for service totals. You should  view your stylist moving up a Tier as a great thing! It shows she’s doing well in the salon and essentially just gave herself a raise!

Another way you will find value in our salon is in our products, both our retail and the products we use in the salon. We are a Loreal Professional Elite salon. That means we have been allowed by Loreal to carry their retail products to sell, to use them on our backbar, and most importantly to use their color line.  In order to do this, our stylists have to be educated on the products and color lines and must continue to stay up to date with the company.  Their color line turns into a conditioner the last 10 min. its on the hair. Their powerdose services allow us to add extra condition to the hair by putting the product on and massaging it into the scalp for 5 min. at our shampoo bowls. Not only is it extremely relaxing, it will take what is negative about your hair and make it positive. It is a deep conditioning treatment that helps repair damage after coloring and highlighting. It goes down inside the hair strand and helps seal in the color, adds shine and lasts in the hair up to 3 weeks. This treatment sets our salon apart from others who offer conditioning treatments as it has high end ingredients in it that do what they say they will, technology and development to back it and it doesn’t weigh the hair down.

Along with the Loreal line, our salon carries a large selection of professional products, all of which we have had classes to educate ourselves on, learning their ingredients, what they do for the hair and which client they are best for.

Our nail tech and nail services and products also fall into all these catagories. Our nail tech Jill has a specialized degree in nails. She has learned the best techniques and is also staying updated with education and classes about what’s trending in the nail industry, as well as current safety and sanitary regulations. She can be found on any down time she has looking up nail art designs on Pinterest or Youtube and practicing them for whatever the next upcoming season is.

So, as I’ve state earlier, you truly do get what you pay for in a salon. In the case of our salon, our girls are educated and continue to build upon that knowledge of this industry, so never be afraid to come to them with any question you may have about a product, your hair or nails or a service you are interested in. I hope you see the value you will receive in our salon and with our excellent team of stylists.

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Stylist Spotlight- Kayla Waltemire


Today’s Stylist Spotlight is on our very talented receptionist turned full time stylist- Kayla Waltemire (soon to be Kayla Adair in just a few weeks).


Kayla has been in the industry for 1 year. She has worked in our salon for 3 years as our receptionist and then decided to attend cosmetology school to be able to join our team of stylists.


Kayla graduated from the Indiana Cosmetology Academy. She has attended 2 hair shows and has taken various other continuing ed. class including a OPI nail class and a Matrix color class. 


Kayla specializes in spray tanning, nail art and specialty updo styling.  She said her favorite part about the beauty industry is  learning new techniques and making people feel beautiful in and out of the salon. On top growing a clientel as a new stylist at the salon, Kayla has been busy planning a wedding for this coming October.   

  Here are some photos of some if the work Kayla has done as a stylist at our salon.

Doesnt she do a great job?!? Is Kayla your stylist?? Show her some love and leave a comment! Need an appointment? Call the salon at 724-349-5444 or schedule online at


Stylist Spotlight-Abra Gardner 

Today is our last post in the Stylist Spotlight series we’ve been doing these last few weeks, and it’s about yours truly, your salon blogger!
Abra Gardner-

“I have been at Cameron Salon since 2004. It was my 1st salon job right out of college.  I have worked hard through the years to get to where I am as a senior stylist in our salon. I strive to bring professionalism to clients through my 13  years of experience and education.  In the last 2 years I took on this blog for our salon as well as the salon website and have really enjoyed them as a new creative outlet and challenge.” 



“I attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC and graduated there in May of 2004 with a 2 year Associate Degree in Cosmetology Management. I have taken numerous classes and received various different certifications through the years as well as attending many out of state hairshows. I am certified in Dermalogica Skin Care, Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatments, and I am a Loreal Professional Master Colorist. I have provided many training seminars to our staff on upstyling and specialty style techniques.”





“While I enjoy all aspects of doing hair (and nails), I specialize in specialty updo styling, dry cutting, and technique coloring.Whether you prefer a natural look or a one of a kind, I will design and create a look just for you!  My favorite things to do are complete makeovers with drastic before and afters (where you leave the salon looking like a whole new person!!) and bridal hair. They’re both so much fun to be a part of!”


Here are some photos of work I’ve done more recently in the salon-


I Love a good makeover!! So much fun! 

“I truly enjoy what I do! I only work 3 days a week since having my kids,  but I enjoy the balance of getting to do 2 things I love- being a mom and doing hair and making people’s days by making them happy and helping them feel good about themselves. The Lord has richly blessed me in my life and career.”

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Hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our talented staff a little better through these Spotlights the last few weeks. Is there something you would love to know about our staff or salon?? Have an idea for future blog segments?? Feel Free to share or comment- we’d love to hear from you!